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Rich Robinson 1956 Streamliner. Does exist?


Hi Folks,

I’m a huge fan of Rich using Gretsch Guitars. He loves them. He’s got a KILLER 1956 streamliner that is the most amazing sounding gretsch I’ve ever seen live. He and his tech says it’s a 56 Streamliner that was caught by the hurricane and was down in the flood. He says Steve Stern at the gretsch Custom shop repaired it sometime ago....I can’t find this model anywhere! At least not with 2 filter pickups and that V Bigsby and that headstock....

some info:


Please see minute 8:50 in this video:

And here the Gretsch in action:

Can you give me some light about what incredible Gretsch is this?


Other than a special factory order there would not be any 2 pick-up Streamliners from the 50's as they were a single pu model. But many exist that have been modded. I have a dual Dyna '56 Streamliner that was someone's idea of a conversion to 6120 specs. It was one of my first vintage Gretsch guitars, and although a mutt it's a favored player!

EDIT: Now that I've actually watched the video... the Filtertrons in the Streamliner are not original... no such thing in 1956. The headstock has also been modified to display the horseshoe inlay (like a 6120). Streamliner's didn't come with Bigsby units, and the V-style wasn't around until 1960ish. So what Rich is playing might have started out as a '56 Streamliner, but it was heavily modified long before the flood.


I agree with Ed about this guitar. Heavily modified, and Streamliners have always been excellent candidates for "conversion" into 6120 Chet models.

A few years back I wrote a post on The Gear Page forum explaining in detail the reasons why this is a modified Streamliner. This guitar is indeed a "one-off", but not from the factory.


Oh la la Thanks a lot O read the post tartan you did at TGP. AMAAAAAIZING

That streamliner sounds absolutely awesome. toneman... who is Curt? At the custom shop?


Curt is with Old School Guitars. There is a link to the right.


Thanks a lot for the info Can someone tell me if this looks to be a 6120 or a streamliner or Anni conversión?

– Aticus

I owned that one many years ago and did some of the work. I now regret that, as subsequent owners have tried to misrepresent it. It's a Streamliner conversion. Easy to do. But also easy to spot - as Streamliners have a hole for a strap peg on bottom that gets plugged in the conversion process.

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