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RHH with .012?


Is .012-.054 going to work on the RHH? I have .011s on right now but want to go up a bit. I've been playing my 56 New Yorker so much with .012s that the .011s feel too slinky now. I have a SS Tru-Arc on there that's just fine but will it work ok with the 12s? And the Nut?


What makes you think that it wouldn't "work?"


FWIW... I play .12's on my 5120. Your fingers might get stronger.


Well I always observed that Gretsches don't like girly-lite strings, likes 9's and 10s. But actually on my Rick 650, I am using Ernie Ball Skinny Top, Heavy Bottom.


I ordered the Tru-Arc with a note saying I was going to use .011s. Just was concerned that the bridge might only be fitting for the .011s that's all.


That's the problem with a pinned bridge: once you change string gauge, your intonation goes out of whack. It may be "close enough" though, can't hurt to try. If you want to fix the intonation you'll have to unpin the bridge base.


I use 12-54 on my RHH, and I use a wound g. Love it, my Compton bridge is slotted for 11's but I have zero issues.


how difficult is it to unpin the bridge base?


As easy as winding two grub screws out of the top.


I have used Pyramid Nickel Roundcore Classic 12's one time on the RHH.

Nice strings, a different core tension than most others, stiffer.

The True Vintage Flat 13's were a great match for the Emperor for that stroking out chords Big Band style...


You may need to enlarge the e and a string at the nut. Don't cram it in there. make sure you have the right space. Do those have a brass nut? I seen there rev tonight and he was using one


Reverend Horton Heat model, Billy.


I use Daddario 10s...they work's all in the setup...12s should work fine once me they were a little less bendable for the stuff I play


Increasing the gauge to 0.012" diameter e-string should work well. I like D'Addario EJ21 "Jazz Light". If you have been using a plain g-string, the new wound one may buzz a bit. This can be fixed with shimming the bottom of the nut g-string slot.

if you go up on the plain g-string gauge,you might need a Serpentune bridge to play in tune.

What's the price of a couple of sets of strings to find out?



This set of Pyramids have a plain G; will be stringing up asap

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