Modern Gretsch Guitars

2 thumbs up on the new Pro Jet.


I've been really spending some time with my new Pro Jet. What a great Axe. I really like the feel of these. One thing I really like is the Licenced by Bigsby. It's a bit stiffer than the Bigsby B5 in a good way-at least for me. It is not loosely goosey at all. Perfect for my taste. The pickups are actually pretty sweet. They are not a filtertron but sound cool. Love this guitar. If your interested in a Jet don't over look these. What a bargain.


Is this the one with the black top pickups? Can you talk about them some more? I'm curious about them. Are they like mini-humbuckers?


Actually, the pickups are Filter'Trons, they are just modeled after a pair of Baldwin built black-toopped Filter'Trons. They are closer in sound to what are normally considered to be single coil qualiities, i.e., clarity, brightness, note separation, chime, twang than other humbucking style pickups.

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