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Return of the ‘Vette


My old G5135 Corvette has returned to me!

I gave it to my cousin many years ago when we was just getting into electric guitar, now he’s got his own collection going on and this hasn’t been getting any love as you can see. It’s not quite suited to blackened death metal apparently.

So it’s found it’s way home to me. Needs a bit of work to get it back up to snuff, but I’m looking forward to getting it back up and running. I’ve got a lot of mileage on this one.


Killer guitar! Obviously a lot of stories in that one.

It's a real shame these were discontinued.


That is a rock 'n' roll machine - I like it! Meant for bidness!!!


You betcha. It’s good for one thing and one thing only.

I slapped a fresh set of strings on it, it obviously hadn’t had a set on it in quite some time but it’s still plays the way I remember it.

It has some fairly good sized dings in it, any tips for treating those?

Going to strip all the black paint my cousin artfully slapped on it, I’ll probably lose the ‘60s decal but what can ya do.


If you can match the surrounding color with stain, dye, paint, or markers, you can use thin superglue for the clear.

If you just want to make sure that the remaining finish doesn't lift, superglue alone should work for that.


Awesome, I'll give you $150 for it right now, + shipping!



Naw I’m gonna fix it up and have a little fun with it, and if I find another young guitarist who needs a little push off it’ll go again.


Paint gone, decal gone. Residue from the decal proving tricky to shift though.


That's a cool one to get back. Rock the hell out of her, Nick!

With that large wood gouge on the lower bout I don't think the finish would matter much anyway. Heck, your arm is likely to cover that part while you play.


Cheers Dave! I’m thinking I’ll tackle that gouge like Seadevil suggested above, it’s the pretty scratchy.


Looks good. Back to being Your guitar and ready to rock.


Try masking tape on the adhesive residue. I apply tape over the stickiness, rub the tape down good, then peel the tape off. It might take quite a bit of tape, but it usually works well. Then follow up with Novus No. 2 polish to clean off any stubborn residual goo.

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