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Replacing Streamliner Knobs


I recently picked up a G2622T Streamliner (Flagstaff Sunset) and gotta admit that I am pretty happy with it. For the price, it's a steal.

I understand that Gretsch wanted to provide a quality guitar at an affordable price, so there are a couple of things that I'd like to replace in the near future. Sorry, but the plastic knobs work fine but look horrible. They will definitely be the first thing to go.

I'm somewhat of a newbie and would appreciate any advice on how to change the knobs and where to find good replacement parts. Also, if any of you want to share pictures, inspiration is definitely welcome.



You can find plenty of knobs on the net, just make sure you get ones that fit the import metric shafts.


This may be a dumb question, but for tone/volume knobs without screws, are they typically popped off to remove?


Yes. Pull up evenly and carefully. You may want to use an old fork so as not to harm the pot. Upgrading to stock Gretsch knobs shouldn't be an issue.


To remove a pressed-on knob, slide a plastic grocery bag around the bottom of the knob, wrap around a few times, and pull up. It takes a second to figure out how not to break the cheap bag, but once you figure it out, it works with little chance of damaging the knob or the guitar. Much safer than the fork method.


Did you manage to replace your plastic control knobs? I am in the same situation now and really want to get this done! Can you recommend a supplier/any tips? Peter.

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