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I have been out of the guitar loops for several years (stuff I mentioned in my greetings post earlier) and hence I have nary a clue about the newer models.

I used to have a 5129 (I think it was an '04 had the better f-holes, electronics and bigsby) I also ended up with an older hyper modded 5120 (which I may have bought from someone on here,,, can't remember I'm getting old!) and I knew their specs and the differences between the pro models ...etc

So, what has changed? The Grestch site is trash and if you click on a model 90% of the time the spec sheet doesn't work.

Did they ever make an electromatic with TV Jones pickups or Grestch filtertrons? Did they ever make a slightly pricier version with Lacquer finish?

I am on the fence about getting a pro model (which I probably will) but i want to have the most info I can ,so any info on the modern equivalent of the 512X series would be great, thanx in advance!


Just noticed there's a new section made here for Electromatics only -- assuming it's for The Universe of Modern World Electros, not the oldies.


A friend recently got an Aspen Green 5420T and it is very competitive with the Pro lines. Slightly more than the earlier Electros but you are also getting a much better guitar. IIRC paid $900 or so for it. The blacktop Filters are excellent and always upgradeable with TVJones' flavors. That said, it's a great time to be a buyer as the used market has amazing deals for slightly used Pro lines.


cool thanks! I found a pretty decent YT review of the new models and the upgrades even from the 2004 I had are pretty impressive! and you can get white with gold hardware now too?! woohoo! heck yeah, one of those + TV jones!


There are special limited runs Electros with factory TV Jones. If you're after a pro model, I suggest looking for 6118, these are the sleepers in their lineup.

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