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Questions about a 2010 G62120SSL


I found a mint G6120SSL for sale locally for what I believe to be a reasonable price. $2300. I don't know much about this exact model other than I believe the SSLVO means Lacquer Vintage Orange? So I assume this one is an SSL because its a lacquer finish over tiger striped maple?

The other question that I have is about the TV Jones pickups. I know that the TV Classics have come on certain Gretsch guitars from the factory with PAF or PAF# stamped covers rather than the TV Jones stamped cover. It looks like all of the current Setzer guitars come with the signature Brian Setzer pickups now. The guitar in question says Patent Applied For on the covers. Does this jive with a 2010 model or should I be concerned that they have been changed?

Also can someone please explain what is the difference between the guitar I am asking about and this one that I found on Reverb for a lot more money? It says G6120-BSN-LOR on the tag inside the body but the OK Card and CoA say G6120SSL.


Sorry nevermind. The seller just reniged on me ...


There are all kinds of 6120's. You can easily peruse this site and get enough info on which one you'd like. Best of luck in your quest.


Yeah I would really like to find a decent deal on a pre-owned RHH


Check out Rocky and Shanghai. Their prices are much better in general and they both (especially Rocky) seem to have some NOS guitars on hand that are great deals.

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