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Putting TV Jones Classics and wiring harness in 5422


I had to ream out the holes for the pots - but iirc, the holes for the selector switch and the jack were fine.

I didn't have a reamer, so I tried a few things, one being the pencil-and-fine-sandpaper method pictured. But that was taking too long, so I used a round file that I bought. That worked fine, although I did chip a little of the finish around the holes - but nothing that wasn't covered up by the washers.


Here, all the original wiring harness has been removed. Tubes in place to pull the pots and switches through. Ground wire taped to top (to later be soldered to the TV Jones's ground wire). TV Jones pups ready.


Pots and switch and jack in place. Knobs and tips to be added later.


Here's a look at the dual-screw adapter in place.


Here are the sound samples I made - before and after - with the blacktops and with the new TV Jones Classics installed.

Being that I did these weeks apart (vacation got in the way!) I tried to make sure the settings and mic placement were as close as possible. I recorded each set of pups first on a relatively clean setting, then again with more overdrive. Maybe my idea of clean is slightly dirty, but that's how I roll. Lol. I think it gives you the idea, anyway.

I used my Fender Blues Jr., and need to point out that I think it tends to make the bridge pups sound a little darker than normal, esp with amp overdrive. In hindsight, I should have used my Boss Blues Driver pedal for the OD samples, which allows me to clean up the bass a little.

I also wasn't 100% consistent with the passage I played - but close enough!

Each sample was recorded in this order 1) Bridge pickup 2) Bridge & neck 3) Neck pickup.

G5422TG - Blacktops - clean Listen

G5422TG -Blacktops - OD Listen

G5422TG -TV Jones Classics - clean Listen

G5422TG -TV Jones Classics - OD Listen


So, obviously, I love the TV Jones in this guitar. Not quite the same as a deeper-bodied guitar, like a 6120. You don't get that deep resonant sound/feel. But they sound great.

I would say the TVJs are more clear and articulate than the blacktops. More sparkle in the bridge pup, which you can really hear in the full chords. But, I also think the blacktops have a lot to say for themselves. They're not bad pickups at all. If for some reason I had to take out the TVJs tomorrow and put the blacktops back in, it would be a let-down, but I would not be completely devastated at all. You can get some very nice sounds from these blacktops.


I like the sound of the mid focused thinner 5422. I agree with you that the TV Jones Classics take your guitar to a higher level. If I bought a 5422 I would want to do exactly what you did to yours. Thanks for posting the samples.

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