Modern Gretsch Guitars

Put roundwounds on my Double Annie today


After about a year with flatwounds on my 6128T SGR Double Annie, I switched back to roundwounds. The flatwounds (Thomastik jazz swing) sounded fine, but I needed a little extra bright twang for a song I'm recording, so I put on a set of Pyramid maximum performance roundwound strings (.011-.048), and man do they sound good. I have flats on my 6120T '55VS so I've got the thumpin' Gretsch thing covered:)

Although a lot of purists might dislike the Player's Edition changes, I think the pinless Bigsby and the locking tuners sure make string changing easy! And the tone control is more effective than a mud-switch for my needs. I've been enjoying my 6120T so much, I forgot how much I liked the Annie!

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