Modern Gretsch Guitars

PSA: Gretsch 6121-1955 $1499!


Used, and looks like they switched the Dynas out for filters.

Guitar Center San Marcos San Marcos, California 92069 760-735-8050


If I didn't already have one, I'd be calling on this.

Leather cowbow trim too.


I've spent the better part of today looking at Gretsch's on ebay . the 6121 round up has certainly got my attention ...but I bought a '10 Annie.


Yikes. And I'm down in San Diego today. Good thing that doesn't have Dynas, or I'd be makin' excuses and pre-apologizing to my wife on the drive over there.


After relatively little discussion, Mrs. giffenf has approved the excursion and possible acquisition (something about tax refund landing in bank account today, and even in guitars, she knows a bargain when she sees one). Consequently, I'm en route! ETA about 45 min.


Talked to them for an in hands description. Sounds OK...several dings on the back and neck. GIG-BAG only, no Gretsch case. TV Jones FT's of some variety... Classics, PowerTrons ??? Dunno.

Best they would do was $1450.00. I have no idea if that's a great price (without case)... then tax, shipping. I passed on it.


Hmmmm, no case, that's a red flag right there. About to walk in. Details soon.


Coulda. Didna. Did they mention it was missing its truss rod cover? Many serious dings, at least one down to the wood. The TVs appeared stock, as the pick guard was unmodified and fit the pickups perfectly. But slotted screws in the surrounds instead of Philips, and the pups were chrome, not gold. Well set up and played very nicely, though. Would rather wait and get a Dyna model with its own case for not a whole lot more.

Funniest thing about nthe whole affair was the sales dude said "It's funny you should pick up that guitar, we've been getting a lot of calls about it today!" "No kidding? What a coincidence.". Two other middle-aged white guys came in and smiled at me as I put it back on the wall. Next!


Ha, great review. I couldn't quite tell if the Truss cover was missing or some sort o mod/bad photo.

Cheapest I've seen a 6121-1955 with case was $2k. Very rarely see these on the market used.

Would make a great player if you could get it for $1200.

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