Modern Gretsch Guitars

PSA: Attention Southpaws!


I have no affiliation with the seller for the guitar being sold.

HERE is a left-handed G6122-59LH Country Gent for what seems like a great price at $1700, particularly given that it is a left-hander and that it is like new.


Dang, that looks nice!


This guitar has just reappeared on my local Craigslist with the price reduced to only $1500.00. That is almost cheap enough to make me want to learn how to play left-handed.

Left-handed G6122-1959


Sounds like a good winter project, RickyBob. You should do it. Train some new neural pathways so we don't slowly deteriorate in our dotage.


With the onset of arthritis in my hands, and particularly in my left hand, it just might have the effect of lengthening my performing life.

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