Modern Gretsch Guitars

PSA 1 of 24 from a controversial feller…


I stumbled onto one of these before I was hipped to what Ed Roman was about. I’m glad I did because I’d have missed out and passed on it had things been different. I personally love mine.

According to the lovely and talented Joe C., the run consisted of 24 guitars....

(Why can’t I copy the link, dogonnit?) Anyway, it’s on Reverb under “British Gentleman”.


It's a black CG . . . has nothing to do with George Harrison doing anything other than being seen playing his CG on black and white TV sets.

That said: Nice looking guitar!


What makes these 24 different?

– Windsordave

Factory black finish.


When I got my first Gretsch, a '65 Country Gentleman, I was shocked when the guy opened the case and it was dark brown stain. I had only seen black and white pictures of George playing his and assumed that it was black.


Ah, so it's the black finish....thanks guys. So many [color] photos back in the day had the dark Gent finish looking black when it wasn't. Chet's Guitar Genius album has the guitar looking black, not even a hint of brown, dark or otherwise so I always thought this model was black. Once I finally saw one in the mid-'60's in the flesh so to speak, I was surprised it was dark brown. Not sure black on a Gent is for me. I'm kinda' in the camp of the idea of the Gent being exclusively dark brown (walnut).


I have to say that I adore mine.

And the Tru-Arc absolutely iced that cake. It’s like nothing else in my stash. (Even IF Ed Roman turned out to be drooling bag of tumors and pus.)


Good looking guitar but I think the price is optimistic. I have a green FSR (non-Roman) Gent, like it about as much as tubwampus likes his, but would be shocked if someone offered me that much. BS aside, the black one is classy looking.



– Bob Howard

Bless ya, Bob.

Needs me some tutelage.

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