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prototype tru-arc holetone aluminium


after selling my vintage gibson 25/50 les paul i went in search for a nice gretsch. visiting nearly every local shop around i found a 73 country club that was the most beautiful playing guitar i think iv ever laid hands on however it was also the ugliest guitar i ever laid eys on so i passed (altho im still debating on going back). it seem stores only stock the lower end guitars. after a ton of reading and youtube videos i settled on a 05 6120-am with what i was told was a prototype tru arc holetone aluminium bridge. i cant find any info on it. can anyone tell me the difference between this and the ones i see for sale?


As I said in the other thread, post a pic and I'll tell you what I know. If there's a stamped logo, show it in the pic.


wow your on top of things. didnt expect to get a response on old thread so i started anew. ill post up some pics as soon as i get home from work. by the way thats one sweet caddy youve got there


Did you purchase this guitar from If so, that is likely a guitar owned by a GDP friend.


here is the only pic i have till get home...not close enough to see the bridge in detail


Ah. I believe that was Gretschman's Prom Queen.


Ah. I believe that was Gretschman's Prom Queen.

– Proteus

Yep. That was what I was thinking as well.


here is the only pic i have till get home...not close enough to see the bridge in detail

– BuddieGreen

Congratulations on a wonderful guitar!!! Welcome aboard.


Of all of Gretschman36's guitars that were for sale following his untimely passing, this is the one that made me a little weak in the knees. If I could have found a justification for buying yet another G6120 guitar, I would have bought it. In the final analysis, however, I don't really need another one and my greedy covetousness was not enough to allow me to talk myself into buying it.


im sorry to hear thats how i ended up with it i will try and give it a good home


I have one just like it; great guitar. Soon mine will have T-armonds in a filter'tron mount. Congratulations.


im sorry to hear thats how i ended up with it i will try and give it a good home

– BuddieGreen

Nothing to be sorry about. I am happy that you have such a wonderful guitar to play. You can't help but love that guitar as it is simply gorgeous.


i guess what i really want to know is can i get this bridge in a brass? the aluminum kinda stands out on an otherwise all gold hardware. and i like the sound of the brass on similar bridges iv seen.


Buddy, I had mixed feelings when I bought the Country Club from gretschman36’s widow, a mix of sadness and excitement. Being joyful seemed, at first, unfeeling but I think Gretschman36 would be happy to have it go to a good home and stay in the family. His wife sure was happy to have the help of this group to see that his beloved collection was treated respectfully and enjoyed by fellow Gretsch geeks.


ok i guess my next question is would this 6120 need the br-120 standard or the electro br120/54-1 ? i assume the 6120 has a 12" radius. and the only mention on the bridgeworks link to hole-tone is a small section at the bottom. whats the diff in the three? sorry if im alittle dumb on the subject iv always left my guitars pretty much stock in the past


Buddie, you're not dumb on the subject: Tru-Arc has dozens of bridge models, many specific to particular guitar models - and information on Hole Tone is very incomplete on my tiny insufficient webpage.

For that guitar, anything in the Standard (straight bar bridge) or SerpenTune (fully compensated) series will work. You would not need the Electro series, which is for Electromatics.

And any bridge can be drilled with "tone holes."

Sorry for the delay in getting this information to you; I'm traveling and needed to get access to my sales records. I found GretschMan36 (who we knew as Jay, but whose real name was Taylor) had 11 Tru-Arcs (for which I have a record). It's unusual, but I do not have a record of the HoleTone on your guitar. So obviously he had at least 12 Tru-Arcs.

ANYway, I know by the appearance that's an AL-120/HT-10: aluminum, 12" radius, 10 tone holes. On your bridge they're drilled vertically and horizontally between the string grooves, meeting in the middle to make a "+" pattern.

But there are also HoleTones with fewer and more holes, and in various patterns. There's as much art and guesswork as science to determining what configuration might best suit a particular application - but in general, the more holes, the zingier and "lighter" the bridge should be, enhancing higher overtones. When it's most noticeable, a "hole-toned" bridge sounds chimier in chording, and provides more upper harmonics (particularly noticeable on saturated lead adventures).

As a tradeoff, the fundamental frequency is somewhat de-emphasized by comparison. So some guys have only drilled the treble side, to get the singing sweetness there, while leaving the bass side solid for more punch. Also, in general, a heavier metal takes more holes to get the same sweetening effect.

We can duplicate the bridge you have in brass, or make any config you think you might like.

But it gets detailed and complicated, and should probably be worked out via email; you can find me at harmanz at psci dotnet.


wow i knew there would be a diff on material, size, density ect but i guess theres alot more than i relized. ill will get ahold of you and thanks for everyones responces. i think i learned alittle something.


Oh ... And I should mention that the bridge you have is only a prototype in that it was one of the first HoleTones we made. The design worked out, so "production" versions are the same. And there haven't been a lot of those!

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