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Process of ordering a Gretsch custom shop piece?


For those who've done this, how does this work? Do you go through an authorized dealer? Any of the advertised dealers here people like to work with? My idea is a modest one- bolt on replacement neck for the guitar part of The oud/guit doubleneck. The whole thing will go back to the luthier in Chicago who did the conversion, primarily for a new and more travel friendly oud neck, which has cracked twice at the headstock. Not his fault as the oud neck was built elsewhere but its not a travel friendly headstock design. While he has it I am thinking of a better guitar neck to my specs.- flatter radius, scalloped board, stainless steel frets, maybe a different neck profile etc. He could mod the existing neck but am exploring the possibility of a nicer construction all the way around and Gretsch would have the templates for the neck pocket and the 24.6 scale length...


I don't know if the Gretsch Custom Shop will take on that custom a project. Their general brief is mixing, matching, and building on traditional/historical Gretsch builds, features, and ideas.

No harm in asking, of course.

And yes, you have to work through a certified Custom Shop Dealer. I'd go to Rocky at Street Sounds in New York first, and he can put the idea to the CS.

Also, I can't imagine it coming true in less than 18-24 months. Maybe longer.


Hmmm... That may be a longer time frame than I'd like but I understand they take their time and I'm at the end of the queue when I place the inquiry. Chicago could make one from scratch as well if they have the original or a spare to pattern the neck heel from; and devising a 24.6 scale fret is doable as well. Ill reach out to everyone and see what emerges... Thank u sir!

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