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Pro series thinner body sacrifices tone?


Pro series g6120t. How similar is the tone to a standard 6120?


Judging from this video there doesn't seem to be a huge difference in the sound between the two. I specifically honed in on the jam that starts at 18:37 where one of the guys plays a Players Edition 6120 and then at 20:22 the same guy plays the same riff on the thicker Vintage Select 6120.


When dealing with laminated wood guitars, saying there's a difference here would be like hearing the emperor's new tone. Acoustically, possible. Plugged in, no chance.


If anything, the thinner body would serve to focus the tone more. But, I wouldn't characterize that as "sacrificing" the tone.


Going by my experience with vintage 6120s, I'd have to disagree with Threadkiller and say Ric12string's expectation is correct. The 2 1/4" deep 1961 6120s I've owned were sharper sounding than earlier deeper ones I've played or owned. Describing tone is like painting smells, but the deeper bodied 6120s had a warmer woodier sound. I prefer the thinner ones.

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