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Premier Guitar New Broadcaster Players Edition Review


Very seriously considered that before getting the 6112 TCB Jr.

I liked the demo vid far better than the article.

Must be funny for Joe C to hear the cub reporter say the guitar looks like furniture.

Looks and sounds great to me. I hope it does not offend Gretsch purists to see this great guitar with what might be considered broader market appeal.


Yes. I know the video guy says a good dozen colossally incorrect things in the details, but he demos the sound and gives a non-tech-geek review that really sums it up.

But forget tradition, heritage, categories, and just think about what would make a great “one guitar” to have - this one works.

Even with what sounded like D’Addario 10 to 46 strings, I could manage some lounge lizard chord-melody jazz with the sound he got dialed back on the tone.

Can we love Joe C as guardian of the tradition, AND just making a great guitar however he wants to?


The guitar will be decidedly neck heavy with the double-cut small body and strap button where it is. But a button on the neck heel will solve that.

But many players are not incompetent princesses like myself, and will just stand up and play the thing just as it is.

No disparagement of actual princesses intended.


Hi Tim. Hope all is well or better with you.


It's getting better all the time.

Might as well, anyway.


I posted a review of my Broadkaster (JR) here in early April (2017). I am still seriously loving this guitar other than some tuning instability issues (which I'm still working on.....).

When I bought the guitar I assumed I would be upgrading the pickups to TV Jones, as has been my past practice (except for my '59-6122, of course). Happy to report that I'm doing just fine with the stock Fulltrons. To my ears they sound MUCH better with T-I strings than with the stock D-Addarios.

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