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Power Jet vs. Duo Jet


What is the difference in sound and playability between the Power Jet and the regular Duo Jet?


I'm not sure if the necks are different but they appear to be basically the same guitar except for the pickups and the bridge. TV Jones Power'trons in the Power Jet are wound a bit hotter than the Gretsch HS Filter'trons which are in the Duo Jet. I have experience with both pickups and the Power'trons are constructed like a Filter'tron but they produce more mids and generate a higher output than the Filter'trons. While Power'trons don't really sound like a regular PAF style humbucker, they get you closer to that territory than a Filter'tron.


Necks are the same. I had a beautiful Power Jet, but the Powertrons were a little too dark for my liking. If I could do it over again, I'd have kept the Power Jet and tweaked the pups a little more. Playability is the same between the two models.


For what it's worth, I didn't like Powertrons in my Jag Tan Annie. I replaced them with TV Classics. I did put a Powertron in my White Penguin (bridge) and love it! It is most certainly not dark in this guitar. As I understand Penguins are basically fancy Duo Jet's.

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