Modern Gretsch Guitars

Post-2000 G6136


I’m interested in a few white falcons. Are there any years or models to look for? I’m familiar with the two vintage select models, but what about non-VS models? For example I’m looking at an 2009 vs 2012 model locally.


You should be good with either of those. Mine is the G6139 double cut but anything made by Gretsch after 2003 should be awesome. If you can, of course, get your hands on them and try them out first.


I have a 2010 Falcon 6136DC which has urethane finish. It is a great guitar, although having been used to 16" body Gretschs, it took a little while to adjust to the 17" body and longer scale, but it is worth it.


Mine is a 2010 DC with urethane finish. It doesn't take long to adapt to the bigger body/ longer scale. The most enjoyable guitar for I've played in years -they're great.

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