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Polishing and cleaning Filter’trons


Are Filter'trons nickel? I tried to clean them and would like recommendations on what to use. I always wipe them down with dry cloth after every use. They always looked brand new. There are now dull areas on the top ends of the neck pickup. Is there a finish layer over the nickel?


Try Gorgomyte...for both fretboard and non-Gold plated parts.

GHS Gorgomyte Fret Cleaning Cloth

I've been using it for a decade or so...does a nice job on the pickup covers,strap buttons, knobs, and Bigsby handle. After a couple uses, those parts have pretty much stayed free of tarnish.

I use it on other things around the house, too.


What model? Most non-gold Gretsch hardware is chrome. But some models, like the SSLVO, have nickel hardware, intended to vaguely fill the gap between unfailingly bright chrome and dulled and worn gold. Good chrome plating is practically indestructible and doesn't tarnish. Nickel does tarnish and if you polish it frequently and forcefully enough, it'll wear through and be more prone to tarnishing. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


2014 Duo Jet G6128T. Maybe I'm just not cleaning it hard enough and wanted to check before I used a cleaner on it.


Can anyone confirm if that year and model has chrome pickups? Sometimes they interchange the terms chrome/nickel when only some parts are chrome.


I tried Brasso and Meguiar's Cleaner Wax with microcloth. Still not completely clean. I don't want to wear through the finish. If its chrome could i wear through the finish? This is just the top edges where my fingers have touched from finger picking. But I don't play it often and always wipe it down and wash my hands before playing.

The frets, tuners, Bigsby, knobs and all other metal is ok.


I've used Flitz on nickel, chrome and gold pickup covers as well as other hardware. It cleans with a chemical action so no reason to rub card and damage the finish.

It works. It also works for deep cleaning and restoration but in that type of case requires several applications.

Also recommended by National. https://www.nationalguitars...


If there's wear, it just means you're playing the hell out of it. Good on ya. You may clean it or leave wear marks but regardless it will be honest wear either way, right?

I normally just wipe my down and a little elbow grease and water i.e. saliva.

Some people have caustic sweat though and it takes it's toll. We've discussed that here before.


They're likely constructed of polished stainless steel.


Here is the post that mentioned nickel/chrome used interchangeably.


TV's are different, and there are chrome and nickel, along with gold and a few others.


I contacted TVJones and Gretsch and see what they say.


The Flitz polish seemed to work the best. Thanks.


I'm checking out a 2004 Tennessee Rose with tons of green mold-like corrosion on the pickups and the bridge. Would Flitz clean this up? If the consensus is yes then I may be more serious about my pursuit in acquiring this guitar.

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