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playing 6122-12 as a six string


Recently I finally got around to restringing my Country Gent 6122-12, it still had the 2+ years old factory strings ( sounded and tuned perfect still btw).

When I bought it new in March it had been lying in a warehouse for a couple of years.

This was my chance to finally try it as a six string and it worked better than I expected, spacing was fine, but a bit of fret buzz. So with a truss rod adjustment it would work well as a six string, both 6 and 12 6122s have the same width neck. Took all day though.


as a six string


I wish those 12s had wider necks


I don't mind the narrower neck on this or RIckenbackers, I also have massive hands, guess I'm just used to it.


Also, is the bridge on the correct way? with the saddle screws facing the pickups, so you can't adjust them?


You can turn the bridge whichever way you like, but most commonly I see them as you describe, with the screws facing the neck.


thanks, that's exremely silly design!


My question is, "why?"


What do you mean, "why?".. So he can try it as a 6 know the playability differs, right?


My question is, "why?"

– Tim

because it could save me £2500+ ?

I thought the reasons why were pretty obvious

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