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Pinup girls on guitars! They’re awesome.


What's up guys? So JBGretschguy sent me some pinup girl waterslides (which was really nice of him, thanks dude!), and that made my day. I've always loved them, but never got one.

So tonight, I put one of them on my Duo Jet, and boy howdy it turned out nice! I put her on the back because the front is black and it wouldn't show up well. Plus, I kinda want to keep the front look intact. But I think she looks perfect on the back.

So thanks JBGretschguy! Made my day. :cool:


What if you need to take the control cover off?

You need to slice her.


Gonna let her dry first for a few days. Then I'll slit her and sand a little.


I hope she don't bleed, she's mighty purty!


Nobody else has got pinups on their guitars!? Wow.


I've got one on my '68 nashville and one on my '64 j-45. I also put them on the back. TRR


Setzer does! (or did)

I'm glad you liked the vintage Italian waterslides, Andrew. Thanks again for the Easter Americana tip!!


where is the best place to get this waterslide material?


Hectic-Hillbilly on eBay is great:


I got a real hottie from Hectic-Hillbilly on my Annie; a gorgeous 40's blonde.


I've got a few guitars with that same decal:


Wow that looks really nice. Those are the two decals that Gretschguy sent me

How did you apply those? Any special method?


Guitarcapo- Where did you get those knobs? I'm doing a project and thats what I'm after...Cool Guitar by the way:)


Here's the other decal I just put on my Les Paul. Turned out very well, and I finally got a good picture of the nitro checking on the back. Thanks again, Gretschguy!


Here's mine. I've since put a dark pickguard on, like the relic. I have some vintage dice from the 50's (smaller) that I'll be drilling. And I'm making a truss rod cover plate out of an old 45 (vinyl works great!).


Pin-up girls on guitars.............I don't have any yet but I dig 'em, and I want a few of the "Setzer girl". :cool: Only thing is, I wouldn't want the decals to be adhesive. I'd like to be able to apply and remove them freely.


I want the cowgirl with the ukulele like on the Steve Jones/Sylvain Sylvain Les Paul.


I was just discussing that exact guitar. I think it's pretty badass myself.


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prevents my installing a bigsy. made it myself (not a water slide)

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