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Hi. Does anyone have any suggestions where to get a replacement pickup selector for a White Falcon? (Preferably in UK/EU) I’ve googled and checked eBay but there’s only one place listing them in the US and the shipping is nearly as much as the switch. Mine has started going sideways as well as up and down which isn’t quite right....still works at the moment tho. Grateful for any suggestions


I have no answer for you as far as parts go, but have you tried spraying it with that stuff they use for electrical components? I thought either my pickup selector or one of the pickups (both new) was dying until my guitar guy sprayed some of that stuff on the switch. It's been fine ever since (a year or so). Someone else here will be more knowledgeable about what the actual spray product is I'm sure, it's worth a try.


De-Oxit is likely the spray your talking about. Yes, try that first. The only thing is you may have to pull it to get to the small hole on the side of the switch to apply it.


Doh, That's right. Those are made different than regular pots. Thanks, Billy.


Hi John. I tried to respond to your email to F-Holes but you must have entered your email address wrong as it kept bouncing back.

Pm me with your correct address, I can get these.

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