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Pickup noise or hum on a DSW


I have an '04 6210 DSW that is my favorite guitar except for one little thing, when we play at my mom's assisted living it has a terrible hum through the amp (Super Champ XD or original '65 Deluxe Reverb) doesn't matter which one.

These lights aren't florescent, they are a big round fixture with what looks to be incandescent bulbs. I have also had this to happen with florescent lights, is there anything to fix this problem.

It has gotten so bad that I have to take a Filtertron guitar when we play there.


Even if they look like incandescent lamps, they're likely fluorescent these days since the gov't. mandated the change years ago. Single coils hum---nature of the beast. That's one of the reasons humbuckers were invented. Try setting up in a different spot, turning the fixture off, or, eventually you'll need to upgrade your wiring harness to all coaxial wire.


Lots of things can generate RF hum. Light dimmers must be all the way up, as in maximum brightness. Facing away from the audience usually helps too. Turn your Master Volume off between songs.


Make sure your pickup covers are grounded too



The EHX Hum Debugger works pretty well at killing the hum. Know that it comes with its own 12V power supply so you need a spot to plug it in. Can't use anything else.


I have an EHX Hum Debugger and can attest that it does work very well at killing the hum. It will slightly effect tone but not severely and nothing a little eq adjustment can't fix.

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