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Paul Setzer where are you?


Any one heard from Paul Setzer, who makes the great repro Gretsch pick guards?

I had several discussions with him at the end of last year, made my order and had several more communications but haven't heard anything from him since. Hope all is well with him, just curious.

Would love to receive my order or some feedback from him.


He's out of office for a few days. You should've received an auto-response if you have emailed him. Be patient, he's a busy guy with a full-time job. He'll get back to you.


Thank you sascha. I'm very glad to know he's OK.

I did send him an email on March 3rd but didn't get any responce back. I don't want to be a pest but its been since November 4th since we started our emails.

Enough said, I'll send another email.

Thanks again.


According the Paul's auto-reply, he should be back after 3/6/17. Of course, it may take him a few days to catch up on emails.


Just heard back from Paul. He's fine - all is OK.

Thanks to all.


How does one get in touch with him? I messaged him through this site and got a bounce. He makes amazing Guild repro guards.


The PM fiction here has been iffy lately. setzersigns at yahoo dot com will get to him.


Paul - I'm sending you an email momentarily.


Got it Tom and replied, thanks! Sorry for the delay.


Got it Paul-Thanks!

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