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Parsing Pro-Line Duo Jets: three series compared in detail


I can confirm that there exists a 2017 run of 6128T-57 VS CG that do not have the banjo armrest and who’s paperwork only says g6128. The sticker inside the control cavity, the serial number, and all the other features are correct for 6128T-57 VS CG though.

It also appears that Long and Mcquade in Canada didn’t know the difference and may have sold some as G6128TCDG.


Does anyone have an X-Ray side by side of the modern vs. vintage chambering?


I believe the vintage chambering is on the right.


Great pic! Is that from the Terada tour gallery, posted in Japanese?


I don't remember where I found it but I had to save it once I did!


GG, my post covers only the Jets currently on the website and in the catalog for 2019. The plainol' 612x, un-T, is no longer represented. I don't know when it slipped away.

As far as I can tell, there are no Jets now with a non-tremolo trapeze tailpiece. There are numerous stop-tail models among the Players Editions and Electromatics, but not among the Vintage Selects or Old Standards.

– Proteus

D'oh! Sorry, I didn't realize that you were only discussing the current catalog. My bad. FWIW, the G-trapeze tail 612x series was discontinued in 2009. Maybe they'll bring the G-tail back someday.


Such a great read. . . Where does the 6128 DSV fit in?


That’s a discontinued model from before the vintage chambering, so it would fall under Old Reliables in construction. As I recall, it had Dynas and a Bigsby Comp bridge.


Here is an X-ray picture of my 2011 6128T-DSV Duo Jet the day it arrived from Rocky. I had the shipping dept. at my office run it through their machine. It came stock with Gretsch Dynasonics and a Melita reissue Syncro-sonic bridge.

Mine now has an aluminum Tru-Arc Serpentune. I'm always happy to plug that!


Ah. Synchro. I thought there had been a 2000s Jet with the Bigbsy bridge.

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