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Original Gretsch Supertron for my Country Gentleman


Hi everyone, I found a Gretsch Supertron pickup, the resistance measures 4.37K. I decided to replace the original TV Jones supertron.


the sound seems a bit 'more open and scratchy, but very hot. In addition, I had a better perception on arpeggios, the sound seems more and more close to that of Chet's records


I would like to know the correct dating of this supertron pickup, but it seems not to be able to go back with precision; however, the pickup is really in very good state.


You've got the right supertron as the Gents had the supertron 2 in the neck. The Viking had the multibladed supertron 1 in the bridge position as well as the supertron 2 at the neck.


But supertron 1 is the one with solid bars, or am I wrong?


Supertron 2 has the solid bars; typical Gretsch counter-intuitive numbering. The 1965 catalog descriptions of the Gent and Viking make the distinction. Took me forever to remember this.


Supertrons only have bars, Paolo. This is a something new for me, replacing a carefully designed TV Jones recreated pickup with an original, given that TV's pups are considered improved over the originals.

To me, using a Standel 25L15 gives the fine tuning for tone that will get you closest to Chet's sound, using a Gretsch of course.


Dave, after a long rehearsal session with my drummer, we have come to the conclusion that this vintage supertron, from something more is as general dynamics and as a definition compared to a modern TV jones. I do not know technically because this happens on a pickup of more than fifty years of old age, perhaps something due to demagnetization. I've used TV Jones for years, I've loved this for years, but these days my face and that of those listening to my gent have a new smile. I hear even more the sound of Chet's records, especially in the arpeggios. Of course, the standell could certainly give that extra gear but it's really hard to find; On the other hand, I am building a boutique amp from an excellent neighbor engineer, a point-to-point guitar amplifier with NOS components and a 15 "weber alnico california speaker.


Glad you're hearing good things with the older Supertron, Paolo. Your latest project you're building sounds like it'll be a great amp, the 15" speaker being the centerpiece. Are you having just a single input or a second channel as well? When you're playing clean as we do, I don't see the need for a second channel and I believe leaving out the extra wiring helps keep it quiet as well as clean. What is the wattage going to be and will it have built in reverb or a separate unit? Tremolo?

Will be exciting to hear the new combination of the vintage Supertron and the new amp!


One channel, 45w, all tube Nos Component, original handmade output transformerWeber alnico california 15” speaker.


Love it Paolo!! Your Gretsch, this amp and your style is going to produce a sweet sound! Shredders take note: nowhere to hide with this combination.


Thanks Dave, too kind !!! However, apart from being a beautiful and handmade amp, it is also very versatile; will be the voice for my electric Gretsch 6122, Fender Tele 52 and Gibson L5.

It's very clean but it gets angry too ....


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