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nylons on a resonator (and introductory post)


Del Vecchio cone is not the same as a National cone. The guitar is made for either nylon or silk and steel strings. The coverplate is wood, and is the cutout for the cone well.


I've actually not been able to find any confirmation that Del Vecchio resonators were ever made for anything other than standard steel strings. I even asked Paul McGill (who makes the $$$ improved copies), and as far as I understood it was Chet Atkins who started experimenting with different strings. I also wrote to Del Vecchio themselves (they still make Dinamicos), but they never bothered to reply.


but in the videos on the web, where Chet embraces his DV, the strings always look like metal !!!! No???


Can you give me an example of a piece from his discography, where Chet uses nylon strings?

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