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Not a Gretsch but…


"I don't want to make Strat or Tele or LP copies."

So, Gretsch copies? It has TV Jones pickups, Gretsch Orange paint, a Bigsby, and sorta thumbnails fret markers. It might be a fine guitar, but....


The use of “Gretsch Orange” is a bit over the top but I don’t see a Gretsch copy when I look at this guitar.


I do, and they say as much in the flowery description. It's a blatant copy of a Gretsch!....and in no way is it a visual improvement on a Gretsch!! The statement regarding comparing "issues" with vintage Gretsches and this copy built today is laughable.


The ad copy is indeed over the top and a bit disingenuous. But I spect that’s the dealer’s doing, and not Saul Koll’s.

This line of guitars has been around for 20 years or more, and the builder is forthright about what elements of the design are Gretsch-inspired. But the differences are also clear - that the build is equally 335/thinline-derived, with a centerblock and fixed-stud bridge.

I think when these designs first emerged, they were unique in combining those elements - with a body shape that is very much its own thing. (Always a matter of taste, but I think they're pretty handsome.) In any event, Kolls have a great reputation for quality and playability.

While combining Gretsch pickups and a Bigsby with a 335 build isn’t exactly a breathtaking stroke of genius - lots of folks have devoutly wished for it, starting with Chet, decades ago - the unique shape lends originality. Orangeness can be read as homage rather then ripoff.

Gretsch now sells guitars with much the same spec - thinline, centerblock, fixed bridge - and their market acceptance validates that it’s a good idea. But when Koll developed this series, Gretsch wasn’t building such a beast. I don’t know whether Koll figured into Gretsch's decision to build 335-ier guitars - while he's well known, his production volume is low - but Saul did kinda get to this spec at least a decade before Gretsch.

A dispassionate observer might think Gretsch took inspiration from Koll in this case.

Check out the Koll website; I think you’ll come away with a different take. Overall the line doesn’t come off as “copies” of any sort. Though Saul clearly loves some Big G features, many models are not at all Gretschy. He also pays respect to other lineages in electric guitar history, from Fender to Gibson to Bigsby. Many more Kolls do not suggest Gretsch than do.

He’s also had a custom shop for decades - and the Glides and SuperGlides come at custom shop prices. Dude’s the real deal, I think!


There was this at the Philly Show in November......... A "Lattanze" on display at the Alessandro booth.....


There was this at the Philly Show in November......... A "Lattanze" on display at the Alessandro booth.....

– senojnad

This one reminded me of mpvgretsch. Maybe throw in the Jetsons or something as well. Liked, but a bit pricey iirc.

The Koll is also very cool.


Saul Koll and . . .

– Mr Tubs

Just noticed the VW Single Cab they are standing in front of. A sweet ride!


I like Kolls. Don't like figured wood but this is nice, I love the design. Gretsch-inspired is a good thing when done with taste.


Koll has made some impressive guitars over the years. I wish I had the funds to buy one.


Saul is as friendly of a person as you are likely to ever meet, plays in a kick-ass rock and roll/punk band, has a vintage single cab as his company vehicle and builds rad guitars of exquisite quality.

The dude is a freaking roll model. More people should be like Saul Koll

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