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NgmP90GGD - or - Streamlined!


I see a dark, but still see-through guard on it, giving a black effect, but not solid black like black paint More like the back window of a famous person's limo. Black-ish? But still transparent.

Hmm. I thought of just clear, but trans dark is interesting. Smoked, as it were. Maybe with a light pinstriped perimeter border, and of course the Gretsch logo...or maybe "Streamliner" in an elegant mid-century modern script.

The tort looks GREAT on the CAR version, though.

– Proteus

Betcha a trans-dark pickguard would tie the black knobs in visually too!


I'd loose the gold and the tort, but what do I know?


That's a fine looking guitar and you can't go wrong with a set of P-90s. Congrats!


Is it intervention time yet?

Slander and calumny! I hadn't bought a new guitar in MONTHS.

Besides, I'm over it. I've passed peak GAS. There are only 2, maybe 3 guitars I can even think of still wanting. Well, maybe 4. OK, 5 - if we count the Duane 6-string Bass there's virtually no chance I'll ever dollar up to.

But I have a guitar up on Reverb now, and am reasonably partially rationally hesitantly begrudgingly somewhat firmly committed to a one-in, one-out policy going forward.


I, for one, am curious to know what the other 4 dream guitars are, especially considering you're already mentioning them in a post about the guitar you just bought yesterday.


Shoot no, I've had that guitar for well over a week! I just told about it now.

And I don't know that the others are dream guitars, they're just still ... interesting to me. (And by interesting, I mean they have some combination of build and pickups I haven't previously had. That alchemy still fascinates me.)

But OK, they are, in more or less order of interest priority and conviction ...
• Ventures-model Mosrite or clone
• a secret build I don't want to reveal yet
• the 25th Anniversary GDP Jet, if it happens (and is affordable); this is a sentimental (and, I hope, aesthetic) choice, as I already have Dyna Jet(s).

Much lower on the motivation meter:
• the Electromatic 5665 Jr centerblocker (https://www.gretschguitars....), because I played the one Jody Porter won at the Nashville Roundup, and was smitten with its compact size, rockin' attitude, and value - but a low priority because I have no earthly need for it. (A Broadkaster Jr centerblocker might scratch the same itch, but for so much more scratch it doesn't make me itchy.)

The fifth could actually be 5, 6, and 7 - but they're so hard to justify at their price they seem little more than pipe dreams.
• a 16" faux-f-hole doublecut Gretsch with FilterTrons (like the 6120DC, 6620, or similar Broadkaster)
• the new Steve Wariner Nashville Gent: I love the hybrid spec, pickups, and the fact that it's standard with a Tru-Arc
• the Duane Eddy 6-string bass 6120


I quite like the gold with that finish.

And in my opinion the tort pickguard complements the rosewood fretboard.

Cream-colored knobs would be nice, though, to match the pickup covers.


In an earlier post I noted that, aside from the series names, there are differences in build between Streamliners and Electromatics. I mentioned the deeper and more resonant body of the SL 2620 vs the Electro 5420.

I failed to mention that there's a similar (and maybe more significant) difference between this 2622 and the doublecut Electros. On the Electromatic, the end of the neck sits .13 above the body; on the 2622, the rise is only .05. Visually it's very apparent, and of course this geometry makes a difference to feel of the guitar - and how close the strings sit to the body for the picking hand. It's another build detail that gives the guitar a 335-ish vibe.

Just making the point that Streamliners are not lower-cost versions of their more expensive brethren: they're different builds. Which is pretty smart of the decision-makers behind these guitars. It means that these guitars not only attract budget buyers on cost, but they can attract Electro- and proline-owners on the unique merits of the instruments.

AND make both groups happy. Win win win win win.


Well now, that candy-apple red model caught my eye, too, and I’d seen it at an attractive price, which made me cock the hammer and almost pull the trigger. But with NAMM a week away and Reverend exploding with new models, I opted to hold off. Glad you like yours, it’s making me think about it again.

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