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This is the 2012 6120 I just got yesterday! (Fed ex was quick getting it here from AZ). The one I found on Reverb that I was telling you about. It has the Brass Compensated Compton Bridge and the Grover Roto Grip Locking tuners. In the original case. This thing is in excellent condition! The pics just do not do it justice! I just put new strings on it, cleaned it up...put #2 pencil graphite on the nut...stretched out the strings and took it to the gig last night! WOW!! So many compliments, from the band members as well as the audience. This thing just has TONS of "that Great Gretsch Sound"!!! And killer looks! And I know this doesn't have the trestle bracing, but we were plenty loud...and no feedback. LOVE the HS FilterTrons...had a blast playing with all the tone, volume and pickup combinations! (The "mud switch" isn't anything at all like the mud switch that was in my old Tenny!) And I put the Bigsby thru its' paces! Especially on some of those "spaghetti-western" things I do! AND IT STAYED IN TUNE!!!

All in all, I am one happy camper! Can't wait for the next gig!


And here it is, side-by-side with my Guild X160 Rockabilly!


They are the same size, the camera angle does some weird stuff.


I put the Callaham string-thru bar on the X160 and was so pleased with the result, I ordered one for the 6120.

AND I like the Grover Roto-Grip lockers on the 6120 so much, I ordered a set for my X160. I also have the Dunlop Dual Design StrapLoks on my X160, so I ordered them for the 6120 as well.

So, when I'm done, they will both feature the Callaham string-thru, the Grover Roto-Grips and the Dunlop Dual Design Strap-Loks.


Congrats Steve! Beautiful guitar. I love that Guild too.


Congrats. Make it yours!


Nice duo! Congrats on the new 6120!


It looks like Gretsch and Guild share templates. Both guitars are great. Congratulations!


Beautiful guitars,congrats Steve!


Yeehaa. Cool to yet it quick and get gigging!


Congrats, enjoy the heck out of it.

I like the Callaham string through bar too.


Congrats and enjoy!

Any video of you in action with it?


Thanks guys!

Here's a little update: I installed the Callaham bar on my 6120 tonight! Easy mod! Works like a charm! But here's the deal...I watched a video where some guy was removing the pins from the Bigsby...grabbed them with side-cutters and kind-of rolled them out! It pulls them out OK...but destroys the pin! You don't have to do that! I have some mini vice-grip pliers, and I just pulled the pins straight out. No hassle at all. And I can replace the bar and press them in if I ever wanted to return it to factory stock (which I don't see happening!)

String changes are SO MUCH EASIER without those pesky pins! And with the Roto-Grip Locking Tuners, it's a breeze! I used to delay string changes on my Bigsby-equipped guitars, but no more! It's just one of those little things that just makes life a little better! LOL!

While I was there, I also changed the stock 1" spring to a 7/8" spring, which I like a lot better (I don't do dive-bombs). It makes the Bigsby a bit smoother. and puts it "right THERE"!

I did a little bit of cleaning/polishing the nut slots lightly with emory cloth, dabbed in a tiny spot of Big Bends Nut Sauce, and it plays "like buttah". Smooth and in-tune!

And I love the growl I get from this guitar with the HS FilterTrons and the sound-post...really "Gretsch-y" and perfect for everything I play!

Yeah...I'm diggin' it!


Hi there! Congrats on your new purchase. I had an X160 and if I remember correctly the lower bout on mine was slightly wider, closer to 17 inches.


Gretschocaster, you had an X160 that was made in the Westerly R.I. plant. With Fender taking over, they brought the X160 Rockabilly manufacturing to Corona, CA, and in the process made the body more like the 6120, increased the neck angle, shimmed up the pickups and wired it so that in the middle position both pickups would be hum-cancelling. They are all hollow with no trestle bracing or tone post. I have a couple of blocks of foam in mine that tame feedback, but eventually I’m having a tone post installed.

They are great USA made guitars. Ultimately, Fender moved production of acoustics to Tacoma, WA, and then to New Hartford, CT, while electrics were produced overseas and the X160 dropped completely.


Thanks for the information! I didn't know the Corona X160 was different Dimensions than the Westerly guitars. Good to know.

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