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This is the 2012 6120 I just got yesterday! (Fed ex was quick getting it here from AZ). The one I found on Reverb that I was telling you about. It has the Brass Compensated Compton Bridge and the Grover Roto Grip Locking tuners. In the original case. This thing is in excellent condition! The pics just do not do it justice! I just put new strings on it, cleaned it up...put #2 pencil graphite on the nut...stretched out the strings and took it to the gig last night! WOW!! So many compliments, from the band members as well as the audience. This thing just has TONS of "that Great Gretsch Sound"!!! And killer looks! And I know this doesn't have the trestle bracing, but we were plenty loud...and no feedback. LOVE the HS FilterTrons...had a blast playing with all the tone, volume and pickup combinations! (The "mud switch" isn't anything at all like the mud switch that was in my old Tenny!) And I put the Bigsby thru its' paces! Especially on some of those "spaghetti-western" things I do! AND IT STAYED IN TUNE!!!

All in all, I am one happy camper! Can't wait for the next gig!


And here it is, side-by-side with my Guild X160 Rockabilly!


They are the same size, the camera angle does some weird stuff.


I put the Callaham string-thru bar on the X160 and was so pleased with the result, I ordered one for the 6120.

AND I like the Grover Roto-Grip lockers on the 6120 so much, I ordered a set for my X160. I also have the Dunlop Dual Design StrapLoks on my X160, so I ordered them for the 6120 as well.

So, when I'm done, they will both feature the Callaham string-thru, the Grover Roto-Grips and the Dunlop Dual Design Strap-Loks.


Congrats Steve! Beautiful guitar. I love that Guild too.


Nice duo! Congrats on the new 6120!


It looks like Gretsch and Guild share templates. Both guitars are great. Congratulations!


Beautiful guitars,congrats Steve!


Yeehaa. Cool to yet it quick and get gigging!


Congrats, enjoy the heck out of it.

I like the Callaham string through bar too.


Congrats and enjoy!

Any video of you in action with it?

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