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Monday marks my 5-year anniversary at work, and the owners surprised me today with this G2455. It's even green for St. Paddy's Day. The deep green looks great; kind of a British racing green. Almost black, depending on the lighting.

Plugged it in and Wow, I'm extremely impressed with the tone of these new Broadtrons. I saw these on the wall at NAMM but didn't pay much attention because I was drooling over the pro models. I can understand why these are getting great reviews.

I didn't "need" another Gretsch but I am so appreciative of the gesture and I will definitely enjoy this one.


Congrats, and enjoy!


Boy, what a terrific employer!! Congrats!


Excellent, Tim. You should post a detailed review of it on here. Or some audio/video of it.


After 5 years, I was fired from my last employer instead of a gift. I played the whole Streamliner line in a shop here in town and they all playing and sounding incredible! Enjoy it and Happy St. Paddy's Day


Wow, that's great!

Keep up the good work!


WOW!!! Both for the guitar and for an employer who treats employees so well in today's world! Goes without saying -- be very grateful for both!


Plus 1 on what Senojnad said. Congrats!


Employers like that are rare. You must also be a good employee. Congrats!


WOW...this was sure a nice gesture! Lovely guitar, too!


Man, that is really pretty. I just love the color and I'm a sucker for double cuts. VERY NICE!!!

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