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Heads up, Thumbpickers!


Great color photo of Merle Travis and his Bigsby guitar.


Yup; as a long time Thumbpicker, I can tele there's lotsa solid Guitar History there!


Well, that perked up my day. Travis back in his prime with a Paul Bigsby guitar.

I wonder if there are any clips with him playing that guitar? It would be interesting to hear, what with the pickup at the bridge. Paul Yandell had one or two of those Bigsby pickups, and I remember hearing some clips of him playing through one at the neck position, that sounded as good as anything I have ever heard.


Here is a different guitar with two pickups. Sounds pretty good.


Thanks Richard, that's always been one of my favorite Merle vids. Sure has one hell of band behind him too!!


Neat guitars, but I always loved to watch and listen to Merle play his Gibson Super 400, that is my favorite guitar that he had.


Great shot,its on page 53 of the Bigsby book!

A friend of mine has a great replica Bigsby i'd love to get my hands on!


That Bigsby Merle has in the clip was borrowed from the guy PB built it for.

Paul Yandell got the chance to play it once:

"...Merle’s (Bigsby) guitar has two volume controls, one tone control and a three way switch. One volume control was for rhythm, I would guess, for while he was singing. The other volume control was for what Merle called ‘take off’. He could set the volume for each pickup then just switch between them. The guitar really has a lot of sustain but it isn’t balanced very well. It would take some getting used to play it.

The neck is pretty good, still straight after all these years. The position markers in the neck looked to me like they are clear plastic with aluminum foil underneath. I could be wrong about that. Paul Bigsby was far, far ahead of his time. Without him the guitar business as we know it would be very different..." __Paul Yandell CGP


I love the Thumb/forefinger playing. Reminds me of Johnny Winter.


The "Too much" vid clip is ~1951...seems older.

What year is the photo Deed put up?

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