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NGD country gentleman


After lusting after my Grandpas guitar he gave it to me yesterday. He bought it new and used it in his country band. Funny thing he doesn't like the Beatles. What a super human. I look up to him a lot. He got me in to playing guitar and Chet Atkins.


Could someone tell me the year it was made? Thanks


The headstock. The binding is in good shape also.


Appears to be December 1966. Actually by that date, George Harrison had moved on from Gretsch. Has changed bridge. Nice guitar!


Nice guitar. Looks like a repro pick guard as well. Great story, play it in good health!


Man, you are one lucky dude. Beautiful guitar!


Congratulations! Play it in good health!


Lovely guitar. Enjoy playing it, as well as thoughts of your grandpa while you use it.


Great guitar and wonderful gesture from your grandfather! Your lucky in the sense that you've got the guitar from the original owner, something that doesn't happen often with guitar's that old. You mentioned Chet so I assume you play that style. Have you been thought of replacing that plain flat arm with a Chet version? I did on my '64 Gent years ago. Better to use and looks a heck of a lot better!


Thanks I will look into it. It would be cool to make it 100% original. Thanks for all your kind words


If you do get a Chet arm, after it's installed, you may find you need to change out the spring to get the optimal height you're comfortable with. You might be just fine but the springs are very cheap and easy to change. See the other thread showing the excellent comparisons of vary length springs effect on height of the arm.


Great story and guitar. Congrats. Cherish it.

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