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NGD x 2 (Cats-eye content)


3110 Historic and 400JV.

I really like the size, look and feel of the 3110. Now I have to get it set up for me (only received it yesterday). Heavier than I thought it would be, and not as "acoustic" as I'd anticipated, given the 3.5" deep body.

The 400JV is big...Honey I shrunk the guitar player big. Has a nice tone acoustically and throught the bridge piezo. Struggling with what strings to use. Came with heavy ones and i changed to Dean Markley Helix .010", but they're too trebley. I have Helix .011s i will try.


I've been eying those JV's for a bit now. I would love to give one a try.

Hope you enjoy it!


Nice, Bob! Very Nice. Go with TI flats on the G400JV; that way you could go lighter (11 or 12) and still have some warmth.


Nice, Bob! Very Nice. Go with TI flats on the G400JV; that way you could go lighter (11 or 12) and still have some warmth.

– Andy J

Nice, Bob! Very Nice. Go with TI flats on the G400JV; that way you could go lighter (11 or 12) and still have some warmth.

– AndyJ

Thanks AndyJ. I'll try them.


great looking guitars!!! congrats and many years of super playing.


Yeah Bob I really love that 3110...they have the Dynas, correct? I'd love to hear a sound clip of it if you can swing it. How is the neck? Regardless of the shape, do you find it thick, medium or on the thinner side?


I recently purchased a G3110 myself. I have been very pleased with it, the bigger body and the wood bridge give it a very nice tone that is different than my other Gretsch guitars. The neck has a nice profile, a little slimmer than on my 6120's. I think you will really like it!


that 400jv is gorgeous. congrats


That 400JV is a beautiful guitar! Love the lightbulb headstock. I have a G400C with 12's which are too heavy for me to play comfortably. My other guitars (electrics) are strung with D'addario's 11's, and I would like the 400 to kind of have the same feel, so I'll have to experiment with different strings. Do let us know what kind of strings you try, and how they sound and feel. Thanks. Here's a pic of my 400C:

 photo Gretsch_400C_Synchromatic.jpg


I love that JV!

I use the Helix .013 80/20s on my guild. I love them and the action on the Guild is low enough that you can't really tell that it's a heavier gauge. Are you using the phosphor bronze or the 80/20s? I found that on my Guild I prefer the 80/20s better.


i always say , no more guitars , then i see these ,,,, real nice Bob


Those are really nice, Bob.


I still think it was a mistake by Gretsch to stop making those JV400's ,beautiful guitars,congrats Bob.8-)


Thanks, all.
Unfortunately, I'll have to leave them for a couple weeks while I travel.


Nice guitars NJ! I had a 3156 for a while, a bit thinner than the 3110 but same DeArmond 2000 pickups on it. Does your 3110 also have a solid top brace? My 3156 did and it wasabout a 1/2" thick. I have Tomastik Jazz Swing 11's on my G400C and they sound great and are easy to play.


PatRoss - I have a 3140 with the DA2000's. It's a semi-hollow, my first Gretsch. This make 4 cats-eyes with the 3967.

I have a feeling the pups may be Dynasonics, as the neck and bridge are different thicknesses. On my 3140 they are both the same. Dunno...I may have to raise the neck pup on the 3110 as it's pretty far from the strings, though the poles are bottomed.

If I get the courage, I may pop them off to look and then can see bracing, etc.

I'll put the Tomastiks on the list to try on the 400JV


Lovely cats-eyes, Bob! You're getting quite a collection going, congrats!


Bob, I love 'em both. I've had my eye on a 3110. I have a question about it. Sent you a PM.


Those are sweet, Bob. Nice Score!


Rockabillybob - I PM'd you back.

Audept, I'll be rotating the herd. The 6129T-1957 is "almost" sold. The OK-GO CVT is gone, The Bearzzmaster was donated to the GDP (auctioned).

All that's left now, to meet my self-imposed 5 guitar limit, is to sell the 2910 that I reacquired not too long ago. Look for that, and possibly the 6129 offered up here soon.


Very nice! Congrats. They staying in Cleveland or coming home? You're going to be our resident Cat's Eye expert at the rate you're going. 8-)


They'll stay in Cleveland until I sell the other two... or until after our Cancun vacation... or whenever the moment arises that they can come home safely without my ending up in the ICU. ;-)

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