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NGD! “Used” 2017 1953 Duo Jet RI


Looks to be pretty much the same as my 6128 DSV that was discontinued a few years ago. Except for the script logo and the first fret inlay, I don't see any difference. The DSV has a lacquer finish.

(I changed one pickup and the bridge) S Mac


Sorry to bring up an old thread but I have one of these 53s on hold right now and wanted to put the melita on like I had on my 6129, does that base match up with the factory pins? I know the Gretsch base doesn't have holes but the Embie base does

– Chmason85

Yes, the Gretsch bridge I purchased had holes in the base that matched up with the factory pins.


The body of the VS has a 2" depth and the routing is different (more air, less wood).

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