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NGD: Tru-Arc brings new/old Hot Rod to life!


Got a new/old Pre-FMIC Setzer Hot Rod. 1998 - serial #17 in tangerine. It actually came late on Thursday, but with demands as they were, I wasn't able to do anything but un-box it after letting it warm up and confirm its condition before late on Friday night.

The guitar definitely needed some love, but I got it for a great price. It came with several lifted frets and multiple years accumulation of haze on all of the hardware.

After several hours of care resetting those lifted frets, doing a fret level, re-crown and dress plus general clean up, it was finally time to put a new set of D'Addario NYXLs starting at .010" on it.

10 minutes with strings on it, and I realized that the Gotoh bridge would have go - a total tone suck - but what do I have to replace it with in a 9.5" radius? Off to the parts box...

I've had this copper Tru-Arc for a few months, and have had it on a couple of guitars without much joy. The question for the last few weeks has been to keep it, sell it, or trade it?

Glad I kept it now. Talk about waking up a guitar!? Wow! Later this afternoon, I pulled a stainless steel Tru-Arc off another guitar to test, but I like the copper best on this one.

Many thanks to Proteus for the development and production of the Tru-Arc bridge! It's a night and day difference!


Congrats on the new guitar and Gretsch rescue!


Glad to head how great it sounds. I'd like to add a Try Arch to my 99'Hot Rod too. I love the way these guitars resonate without the trestle bracing.


Great story. I've been singing the praises of the mighty Tru-Arc to anyone who'll listen. Congrats.


Thanks, for a 17-year-old guitar, it looks great and plays like a dream. The '98 neck is pretty awesome. I set it up with .008" relief and .010" strings. The low-E side goes down to .045" of action at the 12th fret and the high side to .040" with no issues. I prefer to raise it a bit to make it more playable for my crap technique. While it's great to have a setup that can go that low, it just needs to be a skosh higher for my preferences.

I've made a discovery about the color: it's really only "tangerine" in the brightest of lights. In a moderately lit room, it looks like a dark metallic "pumpkin" color. At low lighting, it looks like metallic "rootbeer". Very cool.


Putting a tru-arc on my 04 Hot Rod also woke it up considerably. Like you I experimented a bit with the material but settled on a brass serpentune. Exceedingly happy with the result. I like the slightly warmer tone of the brass on this rather bright guitar.

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