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NGD - The Falcon has arrived


Ordered it just after Thanksgiving, from my friend Joel at Shanghai Music in Ponca City, OK (great guy, great service) and it came in yesterday. I play out 3 - 4 nights a week at country clubs and high end restaurants in tourist-town south Florida, and I'm used to playing nice (expensive) acoustics. Ever since I played the Falcons out of my "sample account" when I worked for Gretsch in the 70's, I've wanted to show off the gawd of a white guitar with goldflake trim. I wasn't sure if the WF Rancher was gonna be a gigging guitar or just a stay-at-home conversation piece. OMG, its awesome. It has the feel and solid-ness of my Guild archback and my Martin D-41, and the neck fits my hand perfectly. I can't wait til my 1st gig of the week tomorrow to show off the new guitar. ♫ I'm back in the saddle again ♫


Congrats on a nice score!


Congrats. I got a Black Falcon Rancher last Summer, and it is hard to put down. Enjoy!


Congrats. Our daughter has one.

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