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NGD somebody stop me!!!!


A couple of y’all know of my fondness for certain models of guitar with the stipulation that whichever specimen I obtain, I much prefer to have a black finish/gold appointments-type color scheme. Or at least if I can reversably mod it, to have it wind up that way, the exception being the 5120 that Curt perfected. And after a time of looking, I have every one that I wanted. The stash was finally complete...UNTIL!!!......

When I went to Ed Roman’s site, ostensibly to order a 12-saddle bridge for a Rickenbacker of the same persuasion,........I see it........

Ed Roman commissioned Gretsch to do a run of Country Gentlemen guessed it. He calls the model the “English Gentleman” because it was inspired by George Harrison’s on Ed Sullivan.

It’ll arrive next week. Couldn’t help myself, folks. Jeez......

I really need to find a good spot for some family photos, dingdangit.


But what color are the f-holes?


But what color are the f-holes?

– lx



I really need to find a good spot for some family photos, dingdangit. -- Sammy

I have a camera and some space to fill. Send 'em all out here to me. I will send you the photos. I promise.

Really, I promise.


But what color are the f-holes?

– lx

Dunno bout that... but the color of the A-hole that needs to quit buying gitfiddles is currently pinkish until fishing season.


I wasn't being a smartlx; an all black Gent would have what color f-holes? Ahh, probably black but with the white outlines like the blond gent. All black with gold trim should have gold sparkle f-holes.


TOW, First of all, the time to tell someone to stop you is BEFORE you buy it.

Second, you don't go into a bar to have someone stop you from drinking.

Finally, Congratulations. I'm sure that it will be a fantastic guitar. I'm with you on black and gold.


Okay, I'll see your black and gold guitar. And if I had a photo of my LP Custom, which is black with gold pups, I would raise you one!


That's pretty funny. You do know George's Gent was always poop-brown like all the rest, and it just looked black on some peoples' ullertisions, so some of us grew up thinking George had a black guitar...and Ed Roman (may God and Satan play craps over his grave) decided to give the pipples what they want, historicity bedamned?

The TV-black English Gent has been a source of discussion and amusement here in days gone by.

I know you didn't fall into the trap of needing a guitar to satisfy a childhood misapprehension - and that you bought it to match your preferred color scheme - but man, it's like they saw you comin'!

Happens to me all the time. Someone makes a product only a dozen people would want, and I'm one of 'em, and I GOTTA HAVE IT.

That's all GREAT ... till I try to sell it.


Stop you? This hotbed of enablers? Hah!


How can I stop you and not be a hypocrite?


TW- Bob has too many Gretsches (did I just say that???), but my collection is truly down a few.

Please be generous and don't send them into the mountains, send 'em to the coast where I can properly serenade the Orcas and the salmon while I take pictures of them for ya!


...Ed Roman (may God and Satan play craps over his grave) ... -- Proteus

I had to laugh out loud with this. But, ain't it just the gawdshonest truth?


...Ed Roman (may God and Satan play craps over his grave) ... -- Proteus

I had to laugh out loud with this. But, ain't it just the gawdshonest truth?

– Ric12string

Uh oh.....anything I need to know?

And yeah, poop-brown was always the impression I was under about George’s, too. Kinda scratched my head about that bit. But regardless, it fills the bill, especially since they started knocking about a grand off the price.


No. He's dead. You're good.

– Ric12string

Good to know. Hahaha............ha?

Was he some sort of miscreant? Now I’m askeered.


Don’t stop! That thing is a Beauty! I like “different” (I have a Green Gent) and this definitely qualifies per Roman’s photos. Classy. Congrats

Here’s my contribution to the Black and Gold club.


Yup. Looks black...

...but it’s poop brown. I figured as much.


A definite bonus to this thread is getting to see all of you folks’ gold-on-black guitars. A real treat for sure. You guys have some beautiful instruments.


Black and gold---must be a bunch of Purdue fans around.


Black and gold is nice! Here's mine:

And I think whatever God and Satan are doing over Ed Roman's grave, the word "playing" can be omitted without losing accuracy.



Ed Roman was a skunk of the first order and I despised his very existence.


My only black & gold:

...and yeah...Ed Roman....

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