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NGD Revisited - The Blue Barney


I posted a thread a few months ago about winning a G2655TGP90 Limited Edition Riviera Blue Satin Streamliner at Nashville. Good guitar, so why not make it better?

It all started with Senojnad telling me about how happy he is with a BricksBiggsFix tuning stabilizer bar on his Broadcaster Jr.. So I got one along with their squishy spring because the Bigsby was a bit stiff. I then questioned Proteus about Serpentunes and bought a brass one.

I am of the firm opinion that Streamliners are fantastic modding platforms. What would make the biggest impact? Pickups. The stock ones are okay and, I think, are designed to lure newbies to the Gretschdom. Already being firmly established in all things Gretsch, I simply wanted to make the guitar better reach its potential.

Next stop - Old School Guitars where Curt, a TVJ dealer, ordered and installed Supertron neck and T90 bridge pickups. It required a little surgery and was well worth it.

I was looking for something to compliment but not quite replicate while still retaining the original spirit of the guitar. The Gretsch G6115T LTD 15 Red Betty fit the bill with a High Sensitive Filter’Tron neck pickup and a Seymour Duncan P 90 bridge pickup.

Hence the name The Blue Barney. I don’t think it can get any better. Thanks to Senojnad, Proteus and especially Curt (and Bigsby condom guy Frank). This is a great guitar!


Nice, Baba Joe!

I can only imagine how that pickup combination sounds!! I've always found that TV Jones upgrades result in HUGE tone improvements!!

I take it you are using a plain G/3rd based on the configuration of the TruArc -- ?? If I recall correctly, your guitar began its life with an adjustomatic -- ?? The TruArc should enhance the tone and sustain.

It started out as a gorgeous guitar and still is! AND -- GREAT choice of names!!

Have a blast with it!


Man, that thing already sounded great with the stock pick-ups. I can hardly imagine the improvements. Cool mods.


I can't wait to see it Baba Joe! Congratulations on making a great guitar "mo' greater."


Yes, the guitar started out with an adjustamatic bridge and the Serpentune has a plain G. And yes, it will make the trip to Nashville in September for folks to check out.


Can't wait to see it, Baba Joe.


Very cool, Baba Joe! Hope to see it in person sometime soon! Enjoy!


Lovely modifications, it makes me want to do something similar. Thanks for the report, I bet she's a real gem now!


Very nice guitar. I have the supertron in the neck and a magnetron in the bridge. Really curious of the variance and tones with the p90 and the supertron. Any chance of you doing a demo of it?


Thanks folks.

@ LarryR - There is a good variance in the pickups. As Curt said to me, it was a good combination choice with three separate gears. It sounds great, however, I have never recorded any playing. The only request I would get would be to play Far Away. However, if someone local here wants to check it out and volunteer to do a demo, I will gladly make arrangements.


Nice mod job on the guitar Baba. I like the pickup combo, I'd be interested to hear how it sounds too. I've never heard of the BrickBiggsFix, I'll have to check it out. I have a corvette that I've always found the Bigsby to be to stiff, I've always thought the spring may have something to do with it.


The spring should make a big difference. Here is a better picture of the tuning stabizar bar which changes the string angle at the bridge. I can’t tell you if that also impacted the stiffness of the Bigsby handle because the spring was changed at the same time.


Okay, I see it now. Interesting Thanks Joe


Changing the brake angle not only helps with stiffness but should also make the Bigsby more responsive.

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