Modern Gretsch Guitars

NGD-my Azure Corazon.


Oh i forgot to answer a q from proteus.

Compared to the anny the pups on that 65 are much higher output and brighter. The sound of the anny was more responsive in clean settings which is cool. The electro is quiet and reserved but she did like fuzz which is also cool.

I will also add when you grab a chord then jiggle the wiggler that is quintessential gretsch...which is super cool and why i wanted her.

I like the lower warmer aspects of low outputters. This will not be a problem.

I will check height and as you suggested check output.

This little girls going to be sick of all the tlc and attention shes going to get.

Then when i start the big project the annies going to be she will be jealous that shes not the center of the


And yeah hyperbole is what used to get me lots of attention in highschool and college...both pro and con. Haha

I love the feel and look of this 5420.

She is extraordinarily light which is. At first offputting to me in such a relatively large guitar. I do however like it.

The 12 inch radius is also a joy. I do most often play 7.25 and 9.5 but at present my variax an these gretsch's are 12s. I like it as it makes me practice speed and accuracy.

The volume knobs are partially hidden by the bigsby but that is minor. I like the idea of master volumes on guitars but maybe not amps...haha. Set and forget.

This i can already tell will be a joy much like teles in that a specific almost cliched tonality is to be had when executed correctly. I am excited to begin.

Please continue to hand hold me and wiser i cannot help but to become.



When i did the set up it did require a wee bit of tweek to most of the parametrics.

That said she is a most desirable girl and we have danced the druidic rituals of the primeval tree gods of my ancestral Hibernian home with Greta providing the aural apotheosis. Too sweet.

No jest she is wild in that i have such a grand instrument that cost significantly under a grand.

I am tickled to azure a sweet Fairlane variant I will add.

The pup height adjust and new strings alone renewed her sweet voice beautifully.

So I as finances allow will undoubtedly go for more Big G's.

I had preordered a g2655 p90 jr but changed my mind and went strat hunting only to find a hybrid jazz tele mahogany babe from our much loved and appreciated brothers and sisters in Japan.

It should be here tomorrow.

Well the morrow comes quick fast and darned early.

Later and Play On


Oh and Proteus i will contact you as i still intend to try that bridge of yours. It seems much to interesting not to.

Have a good one good sir.

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