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NGD: It’s springtime and the Tennessee Rose…


She's a beaut Tim! I've been anticipating this post since the Rosewood Tenny was announced.

Not personally a fan of the clear guard. You'd think it would make the guard less noticeable, but to me the transparency itself shouts "look at this giant piece of plastic on my pretty guitar" in a way that a gold guard or a black guard paradoxically don't.

No guard is of course an option, but I like to have it as a finger rest. And--as with bathing suits and beautiful women--a wood grain that pornographic can look even more sexy when you cover up a little.


Personally, I would go with gold or tortoise.


*When the Rose arrives I’ll post pictures with her sister."

Rocky sure knows how to pack a guitar in the case... It sounds as great as it looks, and compliments her rougher cousin very well.


Why, it's a regular bifecta.


Man, that Tenny is somethin' else.


As Proteus said, it is set up perfectly out of the box, thanks Rocky @ StreetSounds. The neck is a hair thinner and slightly wider than my Jets - I like it. Sounds great unplugged and plugged in and playing clean, it has this great woody, ringing sound. Stomp on it and it crunches like it should. Sounds like nothing else that I have.

Now that I think about it, it’s the only guitar I have with TV Classics. It does need a DE handle though.


Congrats to both of you. There is now also a rosewood Falcon available. Your Tennys are nicer imo.


Congratulations, fieldhdj, you're a man of your word. I hope that Mrs. fieldhdj didn't give you too much grief about it. I know when Mrs. Wade H raises her eyebrow, I need to walk softly and be somewhat ambiguous about just how much the guitar cost. Later, when time has smoothed the wrinkles, I come clean and fess up. By then it just academic (mostly).


Mrs Fieldhdj tolerates my indulgences with good grace, probably because she knows I sock away a few bucks every payday for stuff like this. She does too, so when she said she wanted new furniture for the living room this year I knew she wasn’t going to break the bank.

I don’t claim to have any great insight into relationships, but I do know you have to be up front about money and have a general agreement on priorities.

It’s one less thing.


I got to play one of these here Rosewood Roses the other day at my local Gretsch emporium, and I have to agree, it's nice to look at, nice to play, and nice to listen to. Real nice on all counts. It had me reconsidering my mission in going there, i.e., to evaluate amp options, and then I concluded I'm still just entering the honeymoon phase of my most recent G-branded acquisition, and there's another pretty special guitar still in the pipeline, so there's no point in asking for trouble by adding another to the stable, and that made me reconsider amp shopping altogether, so I went home and appreciated what I've got.

But that Rosewood Rose is a real beaut, and if anyone's looking for one, I know where you can find one.

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