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NGD - Happy as a clam!


So, here's the story: Last February I went down to Provo for some scout leader training which ended about 1 PM on a Saturday. I decided to go pawn shopping with a neighbor, so we were checking out all the crappy pawn shop guitars, amps, etc..., not finding anything that tickled my fancy. The last pawn shop we went in happened to be next to a music store, so we went over to peruse their selection of guitars. There it was in the acoustic guitar section in all its glory: Black with a gold pickguard, gold sparkle binding, Fishman electronics. It was love at first sight. I played it for about 20 minutes, before my neighbor said it was time to go. Been dreaming of that guitar ever since. Last week, I sold my Tanara acoustic-electric to a friend to help me justify adding one more to the collection: 2016 Gretsch Black Falcon Rancher. Great Googly Moogly is it fun to play, and does it sound nice!


Nice. I had a white one. Serious bling.

Enjoy it.


Good choice! I really like mine.


Nice! Do the acoustics also have "That great GRETSCH sound? Is it bright? Maple, right? Looks awesome!


Alright another scout leader from Utah. I am leader of the bear den. Good to know there is another gretsch fan in this state. I am in Logan. Love the guitar doesn't get much cooler than that. Congrats


Enjoy it, and Congrats!


I don't see that guitar going to camp outs. Very nice. I have spent many weeks and weekends on scout outings as a leader. Great fun.

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