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NGD - Gretsch G6134T-58 Vintage Select ’58 White Penguin


Hi everyone,

it has taken me years, but I finally bought a Gretsch today and I am just blown away.

Luckily I had the day off work, so I spent a few hours playing my new White Penguin. I have lusted after a White Penguin ever since seeing a vintage one on George Gruhn's old site.

The stars finally aligned and today I have a very nice Japanese reissue from late 2017. It is not too heavy at 8.9lbs, and twangs and growls depending on the pedal I'm using.

I love the neck profile and of course, the bling!

Well, enough of my rambling, here's a few pics I shot today.


She's a lovely bird. Congrats!


Congrats and welcome. It’s a beautiful guitar.


That's a beauty!! Congratulations! Enjoy!


Sweet. What kind of stuff do you play?


Wow! That is a work of art.


Gorgeous!! Have a LOT of fun!!


Congrats! I have the Dyna version and love it. With that said, I'm GASing so hard for a 6122-1959 that I'm considering a trade. But I digress. Enjoy that beautiful new bird!


Nice, just---Nice, not much more to say! Enjoy!


Sweet. What kind of stuff do you play?

– NJBob

All sorts of stuff really...from 90s alternative rock to old time country to punk, to 50s blues to even some metal and hard rock...I have different guitars for different styles, but I got to say I am very impressed by how versatile this guitar is


Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone!

I look forward to spending time on the forum and learning more about these great guitars.


Just gorgeous. Congrats & welcome.


Lovely. Congratulations.

I was so very tempted to pull the trigger on this model myself a couple of weeks ago but went for deArmond's instead. Enjoy in good health.


Welcome Aboard, lovely Penguin.


Gorgeous geet ,congrats sir!

Oh,and welcome to the nut house!


Well your first Gretsch is a dream guitar! Welcome to the GDP and be prepared to be enabled to buy more. Congrats


Very nice. Congrats and welcome.


Thanks guys! The tone of this guitar is blowing me away every time I plug in, and it just plays so nicely!!

Great to be in the club!!

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