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I’m back in the Gretsch family. When I first joined Gretsch pages in ‘06 (14 years I wanted to find something to show my love and amazement for my ‘62 Tennessee rose. I had to sell that guitar to pay debt and have always thought it was the best guitar I ever owned, it was alive. Anyway I got my finances together many years ago and have bounced around and tried every type of guitar. Most of them were really good. I came to love Filtertrons so I bought a Tennessee Rose with Filtertrons...still love them, but there is something about this model with the sealed hollow body with Hilotrons. I thought they were too thin sounding, but they work so well in this guitar. There’s something that happens when you boost these low output pickups. I have some Filtertrons out of another Gretsch that I may someday try In this guitar but I think I’ll find that this unit works best with Hilotrons. Sorry for the ramble but I’m very excited. I just Bought a 2019 vintage select in perfect condition for an amazing price on Reverb. I knew I would be back with a Gretsch, I kept my tru-arc for that purpose. I’m so glad I decided to quit searching.


Congratulations on your new guitar, Matt! Welcome back to our addiction! Do you have any pictures of the new guitar? We'd love to see them!

I'm still giddy over a new G6131T Firebird Duo Jet that I just bought (about two weeks ago), so I know how you're feeling.

I hope you have a great time with your new guitar, and may the honeymoon never fade!


We need pics! Congrats!


The VS 6119-62 is a great guitar. I think you'll like the TV Jones HiLo's as they add a smidge more oomph, while still providing the HiLo tones you know and love.

Play'er in good health!


Thanks, I'll get a pic up. I do really like the TV Jones Hilo's. They seem richer as the ad for the guitar points out. I forgot that I did try and get one quite a few years back. It was a boat anchor and the bigsby was not aligned correctly. That sent me away to other guitars, I just got a bad one. I can't believe I forgot that I also obtained a 64 Tennessean a year ago. I sold it pretty quickly. It was beautiful with the nitro finish, but really I don't think it held a candle to this new one, or the one I had years ago. One other thing I wanted to mention was the Country Gentleman I had. That really seemed to fit with Filtertrons with the sealed hollow body. I was also an amazing guitar, but I didn't like the gold bling. I love the controlled feedback that these sealed hollowbodies get.


Congrats Matt!

I just need the Help guitar to complete my Harrison trio,some day...


I need the Jet and the Country Gentleman.


You will not be disappointed! Congratulations! I love my 2005.


Matt, congrats pal! I love that model. You are right, the closed top with Hilo are amazing. I’ve tried open f hole Gretsch which is the double Annie with Hilos and it just wasn’t the same. The 6119 with Hilos are on my shopping list but not just now.

Here is GDP member Geoff playing an A/B comparison at GC or some guitar shop that’s like it. He owned the vintage model and he liked the reissue so much that he considered trading it for the reissue. He didn’t but traded it later for a Viking.

I’ve tried both reissue and vintage and both are very nice. Gretsch did a great job recreating the original.


I’ve had two of the re-issues now and one ‘64. I definitely liked the modern versions better as far as playability and sound. Looks-wise I really like nitro. The polyurethane is so shiny that you can’t see the wood grain from certain angles. I didn’t really give the vintage Tenny a fair chance though. I should’ve had it set up. I was clouded by desire for a Lake Placid Blue Falcon and sold the vintage one really quick. I’m done selling to buy. I’ve said that before though. I had a sunburst Anniversary with Hilo’s and I agree, it wasn’t the same. Still great in its own way. I love the way the Tenny holds and controls feedback, it’s amazing. Thanks for the link Polecat.


HiLo's in a 2" Electrotone body have a slightly compressed sound. Very unique.


I've really grown to appreciate the sounds of the Gretsch Tenny w/ Hi Lo's. The new Vintage Select should be an amazing guitar.


Also for a good listen checkout one of my fave bands The Polecats live. Boz is playing a 6119. Good example of how these Hilos sound in a vintage model. Tim Polecat is playing a 6120 double cutaway but because Boz is lead you will hear his Hilos more than Tim's FilterTrons,


Congratulations! That one is on top of my short list.

I’ve a 6119 with filters, but ever since discovering the Sadie’s and seeing them a few times, I’m continually impressed by the range of tones those hi-lo’s can create.

I’ve looked for some vintage examples online, but nothing I’ve wanted to take a chance on without playing first.

Occasionally I’ll check Rocky’s inventory for one like yours.

The thrill of the pursuit


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