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NGD.. got a new hotrod!


G6120SH-RRT Roman Red, the new body thickness makes all the difference. What a great guitar!


From 2.5" to 2.75"? Howzit sound?


Awesome Guitar .....I love my 2005 HotRod,and am curious about the benefits of the thicker body.


Looking Good, Tavo! Congratulations!


From 2.5" to 2.75"? Howzit sound?

– lx

I still like the tonepost 2.5" best but this move to the .75 seems to balance what the .5 version w trestles took from the tonepost version. Better low mids is real importante' to moi! The Setzer's are gonna go though.. the ray butts are my favs these days for the trestle variety


Nice lookin' box Tavo. I have noticed that the shallower the body depth, the narrower the midrange response becomes. It could be a matter of volume (space, not sound level) as the 2.25" Falcon (Players Edition) at 17" had a broader, more balanced midrange compared to the 2.5" 6118 at 16." Let 'er rip!


So....when do we get to hear a clip?


I agree, although with the original Hotrods I reckon the different fingerboard had a role to play in the brighter tone too. Does that beautiful new Hotrod have a real ebony board?

That colour looks gorgeous. Is it the two-tone thing or is that colour all over?

I could be very tempted by a full-depth Hotrod with an ebony board. Maybe one day they'll make the matt black one like that. Or if the red one was red all over and not two-tone I would go for that.


I was pleasantly surprised that switching to a brass tru arc on my 04 Hot Rod brought out some nice mid thump to it.


So...whatya gonna do with the Setzer sigs, huh, olbuddy Tavomeister, HUH?


Very nice. Something special happens when the tone control is taken out of the circuit.



Congrats Tavo,cool looking geet!


Congrats Buddy. You got that from the special nice price online deal a few days ago?


Congrats Tavo! This is an ultimate sounding twang guitar. It benefits from the combination Setzer Sigs+thicker body+trestle bracing AND the ultrashort Hot Rod circuit. It‘s a more modern 6120 but maybe the ultimate 6120. That‘s why you should keep the Setzers.

@JimmyR: those got real ebony fretboards of course.


Thanks Stefan! If I can find one in a good colour one day...


Thanks Stefan! If I can find one in a good colour one day...

– JimmyR

I‘m not too crazy about the 2 tone models (except highland green). Tuxedo Black and Blonde are darn cool n‘ classy.

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