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NGD George Harrison signature Duo Jet


Over the Christmas holidays I worked a deal for a 2011 George Harrison Duo Jet. I traded in my 2007 Tennessee Rose, which was the 25.5” scale, HS Filtertron version with open f-holes. Killer guitar and one of my workhorses, however I wanted something a little different since I recently obtained a 6120-1959LTV. As luck would have it, a Dynasonic equipped George Harrison Duo Jet appeared on my radar and I couldn’t pass up the deal. It arrived right before Christmas and is super cool. The tweed case is also quite plush with the pink lining and Gretsch banner.


Some of the tones George got from his Jet were superb... I especially like that hi-end sound on "Chains". Very nice acquisition!


Nice pair of guitars you've got there. I just recently got into Dynasonic style pickups (T-Armonds, and MR2000SB) and really like them. I bet that DuoJet sounds great!


Congrats ,beautiful guitars sir!



I played Olivia's in Nashville. They're really great guitars.


Money can’t buy you love... but it can buy you a great guitar! Enjoy your new ride!


Oh wow! I'm looking for a Dyna equipped Duo Jet too. I've recently bought a Gibson Les Paul, and while it's amazing, it no Dyna Jet!


I likes it cos its all black. Brown/wood and black on most other models sits wrong for me. Red n black Jet Firebird rules of course... And so does this George Harrison model


Yep. That there’s the ticket.


Great acquisition!!!! Congrats and enjoy!!


Beautiful guitars, congrats!! Great way to end the year.

The 6120t 1959-LTV is one I searched and waited for. I definitely wanted a zero fret, and it has that and more. They don't come much better.

A '57 reissue Duo Jet was the closest I got to a Harrison tribute model (pretty damned close).
I recently had it re-fretted and it's ready for more rumble. Love those Dynasonics.

Play on, Beatlebacker!



I played Olivia's in Nashville. They're really great guitars.

– crowbone

And, I am so glad you did, Crowbone. I love it when you Boys put her through her paces. In case you don't remember, Grace, my G6128T-GH is the prototype, and in the data base. I bring her to the Roundup so everyone can give her a spin. Olivia Anne


This is my first Gretsch with Dynasonics and so far I’m digging them. Clean and clear but still have a bite to them. My other Gretsches cover the FilterTron humbucker tone. A vintage 64 Country Gent has a Supertron neck and bridge filtertron, 6122-12 in natural has TV Jones SuperTrons, and TV Jones classics are in the 6120-1959LTV. Love them all!


If I could only own just one - Your Jet would be the one. Enjoy it! Ken


That's one of the few guitars that could pull me away from my Guild addiction. Very cool!

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