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NGD G5259 Special Jet


Had my eye on these for a while because it scratches 2 itches... wanting a tele style (master vol / master tone / single coil) set up and trying out Dynas in go. Finding them is tricky and sometimes people want more money than they are worth.

I got this locally of craigslist and it was not a great deal considering the condition it is in. All in all it is not a bad deal but I am thinking about replacing the tuners and maybe even the volume and tone pots.

I also need to get knobs

You all have tuner or pot or knob recs. Also any good tips for setting up dynas?


Single coils on a mahogany slab---what's not to like? What's the weight?


I have not weighed it but I was very happy to have it be so light! and looks like it is a single piece mahogany body so I am even more excited to get it in tight playing shape!


Congrats. Should be 7.5 lbs.

I bought one last year on this site for the amazingly low price of $250. It has a G tailpiece and compensated bridge. It's a Curt's now awaiting a fret dressing and setup.

If you search the site for 5259 you'll find the thread with pics.



– powerjet

You have 5 Klusons and what appears to be a gold vintage Waverly tuner. Just selling that off will get you a bit of change. Should be a 12:1 with little "railroad tracks" running down the sides.


Congrats! Wanting a special Jet for ages too. These became hard to find as well as the older mahagony ProJet models with 2 knobs


I thought those had DeArmond 2000s rather than Dynas.


Bob you are correct I should have said dyna style pickups.


Looks like a fun take anywhere Gretsch. Congrats

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