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NGD G2655TG-P90 LTD Streamliner


Curt first won it at Nashville and donated back into the mix. I then won it. A beautiful limited edition Riviera Blue Satin double cut guitar with a Broad’Tron neck pickup and a P90 bridge pickup and center block construction. It plays great and I am very happy.

I had previously seen this model advertised and thought it was very interesting. It is like nothing I own. Although there is another limited edition wine Streamliner hollow body with the pickups in the opposite positions available, this blue one is the one that rocks my boat.

To make it even better, my son loves it. I told him he can play it and, should he decide to take lessons, he can have it.


It’s a beauty Baba, or is it now Bubba Joe!


Very cool Baba Joe! What an incentive to take guitar lessons, my dad helped out with my first electric guitar. He bought me a used 68 Strat in 1973, and allowed me to pay it back with my paper route money. I was thrilled to accept the offer, and take guitar lessons as well (which he paid for). I do hope that your son will take you up on your generous offer, that's an excellent guitar especially for a first guitar.


That one tickled my fancy too. What a neat and unexpectedly cool little guitar


Super-cool, Baba Joe! You ( and/or your son) play it in good health!


That's a sweet one Baba. Congrats, and it would be cool if your son started playing.

Enjoy it in good health.


Thanks everybody. Yeah, we’re liking it!

Hoot Owl - To paraphrase Ray Johnson: You can call me Baba, or you can call me Bubba, or you can call me Joe, or you can call me....but you doesn’t hasta call me .... It’s all good as long as we can call each other Friends. BTW - Did you ever NGD that gorgeous G5622T?


That one raised my eye brow too, in Nashville. 14" lower bout, thin line, 22 reachable frets and the P90 in the bridge position sounded great through my amp. Only thing I didn't do was wiggle the Bigsby.



Congratulations, Joe!! Very nice (and beautiful) guitar!! And what a wonderful example of Good Fathering by you for sharing with -- and motivating -- your son! Hats off to you for that!

Like others, I've found that model to be very intriguing. I have really bonded with my Broadkaster Jr. -- I really like the fell and playability of that body size.

Wishing you -- and your son -- all the best with your gorgeous new guitar!


Congrats, Joe, great story. Hope to see it at the Canadian Round Up next May.


Cool! Get that boy some lessons...or if he's shy, point him to some YouTube lessons.


Congrats Joe,hope your boy takes it up !


That's one cool guitar. The Streamliner offerings include a couple of models that really intrigue me, but I'm in sell mode right now.



Thanks again to everyone. The guitar is a blast to play. Still hoping that my son takes the offer, but I will still be happy if he doesn’t. A win/win situation imo.


Congrats, Joe! So happy for you.

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