Modern Gretsch Guitars



My first guitar, it’s a looker.


Yes, yes it is.

First guitar! You'll have to tell us that story.

I also have the hots for a double-cut Streamliner...but it won't be my first guitar.


I was just checking them out in a store today and my nephew has one too; they're excellent. That is a choice color for sure.


Well there ya go. Before you know it, you'll be cranking her up on stage!

Yes! That is a great guitar, for your first. Wish my first one had been that nice.

Now, Go play the hell out of her!


Love that color. The variety of colors Gretsch offers is another thing they do better than any other guitar maker.


Very nice!!!! Congrats & enjoy!!


Congratulations! That is a very nice color! Great choice!


Right on, Uncle Pete! That's a cool looking, and great first guitar. Like Suprdave, I wish my first guitar had been as nice as this one is. Have fun, and enjoy your beautiful new guitar!


Nice. They’re great guitars. Congrats


Uncle Pete, you will probably need good setup, to insure maximum playability. There is great setup page, here on the GDP, I believe that someone posted the link to it in your Meet-n-Greet post.

It's a fairly straightforward process, but can appear a bit daunting, the first time around. If so, find a local independent Luthier, rather than Guitar Center, to do the setup. This very necessary procedure is often overlooked by first time guitarists, and failing to do it can add to the already built in frustration, of learning how to play the guitar, by having strings that are set too high, fret buzz, difficulties with tuning, poor intonation, scratchy volume and tone pots.... etc. These are all possibilities not probabilities.

Gretsch does a very good job of doing a "factory setup", but they can be done rather quickly, and quick factory setups are hit and miss, especially on this particular line of models and the Electromatics.

Factory setup specs and optimal playability, often times often don't jibe. The biggest thing that I've noticed, are factory spec string heights can be much higher than they could be, and intonation not as dialed in as it should be. Intonation is the adjustment of individual string length, and is adjusted at the bridge, by moving the individual string saddles either towards the headstock or the tailpiece. This allows the guitar to play in tune with itself, all the way up the neck.

Due to the nature of simi - hollow and hollow body guitars (and wood in general), things can change between the time it leaves the factory, and ends up in your hands.

We have an expression here on the GDP ; "Never trust anything that was once a tree"!


Wade, no link that I see. I had Sweetwater do the setup and put on Ernie Ball regular slinky’s. Took me a few minutes to get sound from my amp (Orange Crush 20), mission accomplished. Just ordered engraved truss rod cover. Now to get started with some lessons. Let the games begin.


LOVE that color!

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