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NGD — Didn’t see this one coming


Well, it was just a swap. A friend called round, knowing I had two Squire CV Teles but really only played one of them. He had an Electromatic Double Jet he didn't use, but he wanted a Tele. So that was that. And it even came with a proper Gretsch case.

I know that by Gretsch standards the Double Jets/ Pro Jets are 'modest' guitars, but if everything works OK then they are a lot of fun. On this one, everything seems fine (even the pots). The Blacktops sound pretty decent and a bit of Bigsby wiggling doesn't send things out of tune. I don't really like the chrome pickup surrounds, and I'm wondering if Paul Setzer has to hand a nicer pickguard than the stock flimsy pearly thing. Otherwise I'm happy with it and I'll take it along to our first band gig of 2018 next week.


Awesome bang for the buck or straight up trade. Enjoy!


Ain't nothin' wrong with that. Congrats!


That's a pretty cool trade,congrats Dave!

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