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NGD - Country Club 6193 natural Spruce top


I made this deal about 1 month ago with GDP member AllModCons (Jim) but due to an extended vacation I just met with him today to get the guitar. This isn't my first dealings with Jim. About 6 months ago I purchased a flat black Setzer Hot Rod from him. When I expressed an interest in the 2006 6193 he contacted me and said he would be interested in a deal that would return the Hot Rod to him. We agreed on the terms so today I got the 6193 and he got back the Hot Rod. I set it up with my preferred strings, replaced the non-original wood bridge with a brass Tru -Arc I had in my parts box (original bridge is a gold Synchro Sonic) and adjusted the Dynasonic poles per Paul Setzer. Sounds great! The original gold G Cut tail piece has been replaced with a Bigsby. If anyone out there has a spare gold Synchro Sonic bridge with base and/or gold G Cut tail piece for sale I am looking for these items. Many thanks to Jim for his patience to make this happen!


That's stunning. Have fun.


Congratulations. I still regret not buying one of these, back years ago, when the last of them were up for sale.

Wish that I hadn't listened to myself saying "You don't need another guitar".


WOW!!!!! That guitar is at the TOP of my bucket list....!!! Gorgeous!!!!

Congratulations -- and ENJOY!!!


That is GORGEOUS! Congrats!


I have a gold Melita I'm not using. Put embee saddles in it for my 3110 but decided on a TruArc instead. I might even have the gold tailpiece as It was replaced by a B6. I'll dig in the toy box tomorrow.


Congratulations! What is the body depth?


That's just about my perfect Gretsch! Congrats and enjoy!


NJ Devil - the body depth is 2.75 inches.

– GreTschocaster

Nice! I agree with Michael and that is just about my perfect Gretsch.


Congrats! Have always dug the spruce/Dyna CC's. A tortoise pick guard would look great on that.


Congrats. That's a beautiful guitar. The body is so big, the B6 almost looks like a B3.


Just beautiful,congrats!


I had to stop in again and take another look. I love this guitar!


Absolutely stunning! Congrats! I like this model having a Bigsby too. I agree with Andy that a tort guard....a multi-bound tort guard would look stunning on this guitar. Frank, overseas, can do one for you.....binding on guards is one of his specialties. He re-bound this tort guard for my '41 Synchro. One of these - in the appropriate shape - would be awesome on your CC.


I had to stop in again and take another look. I love this guitar!

– NJDevil

LOL!!! I've done the same thing twice today! Great minds think alike...


I've played that guitar Congratulations! I thought it was fine instrument I thought the the wooden bridge it had on it was pretty nice It was a real archtop bridge !


Thanks for all the comments. It is a real joy to play. I have 2 6120's with Filtertrons and have been wanting another hollowbody with Dynasonics since I sold my 6120 DSW. The wood bridge that was on it sounded great but I prefer the Tru-Arc. Ultimately I would like to replace that with a Synchro-sonic like it came with originally. If anyone has one, I am still looking. While I live in Canada, I have a US address in Washington State that I have purchases sent to. So it reduces the hassle and cost for shipping to Canada. Thanks again everyone!


Thanks Dave,for the easy-going deal. Glad to have the HotRod back--fits me like a glove. The 6193 looks great at your place--- -Jim.



That's a stunner!

Congrats and enjoy!


Hotter HotRod. T90s. ( are right,Dave--the original pickup surrounds look better. )


Looks great Jim! Those T90's must sound awesome!

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